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Patch 1.006 für Depths of Peril

* fixed Select Crystals Amount text
* fixed mage staff text getting screwed up (also fixed Nightmare)
* fixed war staff text getting screwed up
* fixed Lulan's Flail text
* fixed trade route print problem
* fixed ', ", and some other characters not showing up correctly in stories
* fixed a few other item text problems
* fixed a few other menu text problems
* fixed Imperial Greaves spelling

* fixed a few status effect names
* fixed Desert Bloom item (mail shoulders)
* fixed Blackguard Pauldren item (mail shoulders)
* fixed Thadens Desire item (mail shoulders)
* fixed Frostbite item (plate shoulders)
* fixed Dranar item (plate shoulders)
* fixed Titan item (plate shoulders)
* fixed Bitter Wind item (cape)
* fixed Cloak of Shadows item (cape)
* fixed Archmage Cloak item (cape)
* fixed Ciglio's Robe item (cloth chest)
* fixed artifact Kracht's Pillage item (mail belt)
* fixed artifact Stormguard Belt item (mail belt)
* fixed artifact Erillin's Bait item (mail belt)
* fixed shoulder starting items for covenants
* fixed naga priest followers
* fixed Damek's Cap being in Brenna's set
* changed default rez to 1024x768
* fixed map key not closing map correctly if changed from default
* bad key mapping is now removed
* increased xp & money rewards for rescue quests
* lifesteal prints correctly on skills now (better mod support)
* added hotkeys to zoom in and out
* now if you do damage to yourself like when picking up nightshade doesn't piss off allies
* npcs should no longer look at the player when they are in combat
* now covenants take their level and yours into account when a shared adventure is proposed
* will require better relations if you are a lower level and slightly less if you are higher
* possibly fixed kill X monsters quests getting stuck
* NPCs to rescue and delivery to try a bit harder to not leave their starting level
* recruit will no longer teleport to player's position if player is dead (raids still work the same though)
* fixed guards sometimes not defending the covenant
* enemy covenants tax numbers are recalculated immediately when a guard is killed now
* recruits are no longer allowed to attack things the player can't
* fixed a problem in Caustic Grotto and some other caves that can make some areas not accessible
* fixed a couple problems with Helaqueżs Treasure
* game will now purge old entities to prevent the entity cap from being hit
* added cast on party member ui tip to manual
* added click on lifestone health bar tip to manual
* beastmaster should stock better guards in general now
* enemy covenants should choose better guards now
* made Draaien a little bit harder
* decreased impact of influence or calculated power
* kidnapped NPCs can no longer teleport home
* fixed Bookshelf highlight text
* NPCs can no longer be kidnapped when they are dead (no one probably ever saw this but me because the timing has to be almost perfect, but I forced the game to kidnap the NPCs every 2 seconds)
* now min influence covenants use for comparison purposes is based on covenant level instead of set number
* covenants no longer value player breaking trade routes & treaties as much

Everything else for 1.005 are localization issues

* text parser now uses unicode
* localization system now uses unicode
* can now make fonts use any texture size
* added unicode to code page mapping support (and vice versa)
* text size/centering now uses unicode
* Text UI widget now supports unicode
* all menu text now goes through localization system
* all items now go through localization system
* chest names now go through localization system
* object names now go through localization system
* covenant trait text now goes through localization system
* zone text now goes through localization system
* skill trees now go through localization system
* skills now go through localization system
* status effects now go through localization system
* magic modifier names now go through localization system
* monster stuff now goes through localization system
* covenant stuff now goes through localization system
* quality names now go through localization system
* faction names now go through localization system
* general item text now goes through localization system
* money text now goes through localization system
* general status effect text now goes through localization system
* fixed some small localization issues
* credits text now goes through localization system
* general stats text now goes through localization system
* general game client stuff now goes through localization system
* general game stuff now goes through localization system
* time stuff now goes through localization system
* added more keys to mapping
* added loc.txt that defines what files to use for that localization
* now can load as many translation files as needed and specified in loc.txt
* moved item & covenant dialog to separate translation files
* now load keyboard mappings from a file
* now virtual keys are translated after localization system is up and running
* added \" support in "" strings
* moved up/down & left/right stuff to virtual keys
* separated key names and key mappings
* moved keyboard mappings to files
* now load cfg files as unicode
* fixed relations menu close being hardcoded to R
* now key names can handle unicode text
* now config files can handle unicode text
* fixed the ż not showing up in the copyright correctly with new localization stuff
* fixed text color getting broken with some localized text
* fixed RecruitingQuest text
* fixed player/NPC skins broken from new localization stuff
* fixed win progress string

* fixed a crash in getEntitiesInRange
* fixed a bug that allows most projectiles to get an extra critical hit bonus
* fixed guard level display in higher difficulty levels
* fixed guard information in higher difficulty levels not using difficulty mults for health, defense, and armor
* fixed item highlight description sometimes going off screen
* no longer show ground items when toggle is on if fullscreen menu is up
* added an extra check to make sure covenant never thinks it is at war with itself
* fixed a problem when fullscreen call happens during main ui loop and breaks ordered menu list
* added very hard covenant aggression difficulty level
* made lightning explosion sound effect quieter
* fixed plaguebringer poison cloud after death not doing damage
* made higher world difficulty levels a bit harder
* potential recruits now save their skills and equipment correctly
* increased damage per strength for rogue a bit
* increased attack per dexterity for rogue a bit
* AI no longer values a raid agreement if you already have one with them
* fixed relation dropping to 0 if you offer a raid agreement with a covenant already raiding
* fixed a problem where a character's gates would get lost when winning/losing a game and changing difficulty levels

* added LowRelation help topic
* added GetQuest tutorial quest
* added ciglio belt as a reward for finishing the tutorial
* added party member low health help topic
* tutor intro text now mentions tutorial and item reward
* updated manual with LowRelation and party member low health stuff
* added dual core AMD cpus running game too fast to manual
* fixed highlight info only working on 1st 6 effect icons
* can now return to game if you accidently click on Win Game icon
* ai will no longer try to buy guards when under attack
* relic stats now applied correctly immediately after game starts
* first few zones now have slightly less monsters
* recruits can no longer wear mail or plate armor until they actually get the first skill point
* made ghost's in quests more visible
* added a show items toggle option
* added gamma support/option
* now recruit stat highlight information uses the correct class
* added level to guard detail
* added armor, defense, max health guard detail
* tomes and treasure maps names are now white instead of grey to be a little more noticable
* ai will no longer leave to next zone if on recruit quest in current zone
* increased chance that a dead town NPC resurrects each chance
* now can get highlight info on something and see all items on ground at same time
* increased amount of chests in dungeons
* now some quests require killing less monsters if in dungeon/cave

* capped max stalker levels to 1 in Grimalkin Forest
* thickened influence/power comparison lines
* thickened relation lines
* fixed defense magic enhancements not working correctly
* updated copyright year on main menu
* fixed another reflected damage problem with on hit skills like Major Fire Imbued
* narrowed relation range a bit so relation line colors would be a little more distinct
* now show exact relations with covenants when you highlight a covenant's icon
* now add hate to guards when lifestone is damaged
* now recruits and other ai will have health and power (faith/mana) maxed on level up
* fixed crushing blow not working correctly on weapon with higher min than max damage
* added a hints help topic after tutorial
* rearranged equipment and character screen some to overlap less
* F11 now defaults to recruit in your party
* now weight player/recruits more in power calculations
* added unidentified overlay icon
* enemy covenant should no longer be in lead for a recruit if they don't want him/her
* fixed getting back too much xp debt from soulstones when near max xp debt
* space can now buy and sell items
* armor now only applies to physical damage part from physical attacks
* added QWERTZ keyboard support

* fixed crash when moving around skill icons that have use hints
* fixed after are parents typo
* added DEP issue to troubleshooting in manual
* added AC 97 driver stuff to troubleshooting section in manual
* fixed some problems when both enemies have damage on hit effects
* added tool tip for covenant aggression
* shifted editor tile layout over a bit
* fixed some collision issues in crystal type cave
* now subtract 1900 from zip files year to match normal file system
* fixed not building uncompressed textures if needed
* can no longer sell bags with items in it
* fixed a crash in skill mastery stuff
* fixed mastery skills effecting the wrong skills
* now clicking on covenant health bar uses/attacks that covenant's lifestone
* added disable party member dialog option


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