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Version 1.1 der inoffiziellen Fallout 2-Expansion "Restoration Project" (zum offiziellen Forum)

Version 1.1 of the Fallout 2 Restoration Project is now ready. Hopefully most, if not all, of the issues found in 1.0 are fixed. Starting a new game is not required, but many of the fixes will not take effect unless you enter the area for the first time (New Reno and EPA are such examples) Thus if you haven't made it too far I highly suggest starting a new game. It's not required though and old saves will work just fine.

*Note* If you are experiencing odd crashes while in combat, or odd crashes in general I highly suggest uninstalling the game (not just the expansion), reinstalling and installing the latest expansion. There were some issues with the FO1 sounds and ammo mod found in version 1.0 of the expansion and these files might still be sitting around causing trouble. Removing everything and starting over is the best thing to do in this case.

Below are the links to the files and a list of what can be found in 1.1. The list is not complete and several bugs fixes are not specifically listed.

*Note: The expansion includes my unofficial patch, thus there is no need to install it separately.
*Note2: download is about 21 MB for the installer and 26 MB for the manual install.
*Note3: The installer contains some extra features that are not found in the manual version of the game. You may pick and choose which features you want.
*Note4: For non English users, you need to rename the:
\BlackIsle\ Fallout2\ data\ Text\ English folder to whatever language you are using, such as German, in order to play.

Release 1.1
Unofficial Patch Fixes:   
" Trappers no longer charge you the price of silver gecko pelts when you choose to buy golden gecko pelts.   
" Added another check for the San Fran fights to make sure it is impossible to knock out an opponent and get stuck.   
" The door in the north-eastern part of Flick's room in the Den can now be lock picked. It was missing a script by the original devs.   
" Fixed a bug in Metzger's dialogue that would cause him to yell about Vic still needing to fix the radio despite it already being fixed.   
" Hopefully fixed issue of townspeople in the Den becoming unresponsive.   
" Fixed issue of Bess in Modoc still following you around (after first leaving and reentering Modoc) despite you having sold her for meat.   
" Fixed issue of "ERROR" appearing after killing all the dogs attack the brahmin in Modoc.   
" Fixed issue of there being two Laddies when bring Jonny back to Modoc and having initially gotten Laddie from Grisham.   
" Fixed issue of being unable to get Sulik as a dumb character.   
" Fixed issue of Merk's guards scripts locking up on the Carlson NCR map.   
" Fixed issue of Myron freezing when leaving the Stables.   
" Fixed issue of Frankie asking you to destroy Becky's still despite you having already done so and telling him about this.   
" Swapped how the player obtains sexpert and gigolo. Sexpert is now based on skill and gigolo is based on number of times having sex. This better fits the description given for each trait.   
Expansion Fixes:   
" Fixed/added AI code for all the new locations. NPCs in these locations will now be on the correct teams.   
" Fixed tons of holes, walking through solid objects, using items through walls, etc, in all the new locations.   
" Cleaned up gang war code in the Den. Should work correctly now.   
" Fixed issue of Sulik's Sister existing at both the Slaver Camp and her village when you bring her home.   
" Fixed issue of Horrigan's encounter no longer occurring.   
" Hopefully fixed issue of random forced empty encounters occurring.   
" Fixed issues with the money skimming quest in Broken Hills.   
" Fixed crash when delivering guns to the Vault Village.   
" Fixed various crashes and issues associated with the EPA. Should be a better experience now.   
" Tweaked how the cattle rustle quest in Klamath is done.   
" Fixed issue of Sulik wandering off the Primitive Tribe map.   
" Kaga's encounters should be less buggy.   
" Fixed issue of there being no background environment when speaking with Goris.   
" Giving Dogmeat the dog food found at the EPA now does something.   
" Corrected various instances of "ERROR" being displayed in the message window or being said by NPCs.   
" The Abbey computer is no longer accessible at any moment of use. It now correctly requires a passkey.   
" Nikki, who was accidently forgotten in the first release, can now be found in New Reno.   
" The car no longer appears inside one of the Ranger safe houses.   
" Fixed dialogue error when speaking with the NCR rangers in NCR after having already wiped out the slaver camp.   
" Redid the new alternate method of killing Keeng Ra'at.   
" Tons of general bug fixes. Should be much more stable and bug free.


Strider101 schrieb am
Klasse mal was zu Fallout ... was eine der besten Games Reihe überhaupt ist. Nun mal ne Frage zu dem Patch ... lohnt es sich den runterzuladen oder wird das Game davon Englisch? So wie es leider auch bei Vampire:Bloodlies so war.
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