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Multiplayer-Patch v1.0 "The Stonehenge Chronicles" (v1.0.27.4101) für Hellgate: London (für alle nordamerikanischen und europäischen Versionen, auch für die deutsche Variante); zum Change-Log

In this update, you'll see the first of the big balance sweeps we're doing on all of the character classes. Both the Guardian and the Evoker got a lot of attention this time around, and we hope that players of those classes will dig into how the classes play now. We're making it simple for these players to get a handle on the new balances by allowing them to completely respec their characters.

PvP is starting to get more attention with the introduction of the Dueling Arena. This both makes dueling easier to accomplish and also gives us a better and more accurate way to track play habits and stats - a key to really increasing this section of the game.

Theres also a whole slew of other overall improvements, tweaks, and additions, so take a couple of minutes to go through the release notes and see what's new.

For our Subscription Members, we're opening the portal to Stonehenge! This is a completely new area that not only has new items and monsters, but also completely new ways to experience the game.

The Essence Caves are the first of our non-linear style of play. You can repeat this long quest chain multiple times throughout the career of your character as it scales with your character (or party) level. The rewards are rich and many of them are unique to the Stonehenge area.

The Wild is also a new type of game play since it is focused exclusively on group play. You need big groups to have success out there - and the deeper you get, the harder it gets. It's time to get your friends together!

We've got lots more in store, and we're working on every aspect of the game. Thank you all for your support over the past couple of months. We're listening and doing all we can to make Hellgate: London what we all want.


autimostwanted schrieb am
auf 4players ist einfach verlass! :D
auf der offiziellen hellgate seite sind einfach mal alle patch-links tot und auch auf 2 anderen seiten ging nichts weiter.
in so einem moment erinnere ich mich immer an 4players..und schwubs, schon geht der download los. :Applaus:
schrieb am