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Patch für RACE: The WTCC Game 07

- Enabled Rolling Starts. This gives the option to choose between rolling or standing start in 1 race format. Choosing 2 race format the first race will be rolling while the second will be standing.
- Fixed timing on dual core processors (flicker fix on some computers).
- Cleaner game exit for non supported video cards.
- Fixed bug where player was stuck in menu when qualify ran out.
- Added re-load custom skin feature.
- Custom skinned cars are now using the correct cameras.
- Fixed lap times in timing screen (right click on driver).
- Fixed low fuel icon. Icon now gets displayed earlier. The color code has changed from yellow to red.
- Fixed difficulty setting which was previously shared between game modes. Each game mode has its own setting now.
- Fixed driving aids being switched off in championship mode.
- Fixed driving aids on/off issues.
- Tighter cutting rules for Magny Cours.
- Fixed cutting rule problem in Valencia National.
- Fixed collision on Porto around pit area.
- New talent files (driver AI related) for Caterham, F3000, FBMW, Mini and Radical classes which have lead to a wider spread in Qualify. F3000 drivers have improved in wet conditions.
- AI wet speed has been tweaked for better consistency between tracks.
- General AI speed tweaks for better consistency against player.


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