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Patch 1.01 für die deutsche oder englische Version von Penumbra - Black Plague

IMPORTANT: This update is only for the CD version of the above described game, Gamer's Gate users or users that purchased the game in another language should contact their specific distributor for details on the update.

--Change log--
-Fixed crash when entering Library and Messhall using older graphics card and certain driver versions.
-Fixed crash when entering Infected Corridors and having the "substance", caused by having done some things in a particular order.
-Fixed crash when picking objects and not having assigned a key to Rotate.
-Fixed ATI HD and X1000 series graphics glitches.
-Optimised to only make 3 updates / sec for particles not visible, sounds with block setting and mesh entities.
-Added alternate solutions to puzzle in level 2 & Level 4.
-Corrected portal setting in Level 01.
-No longer possible to be pushed outside of level when coming to level 03 from level 01.
-Added "collide character" to electric locker in Level 01.
-The alarm sound is not triggered if player has already locked himself in the room, level 19.
-Door04 is now locked in Level 7 during the intro sequence.
-Fixed minor glitch during an event in Level 7.
-The hand is not able to fall down the hole in Level 10.
-Renamed Deutch -> Deutsch
-Down arrow is now correctly named when configured in options for German translation.


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