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Patch für die deutsche Version von Spaceforce - Rogue Universe

- fixed bug with text,shield and armor overlapping on wingman list
- fixed wrong text displaying locked ship's distance (near lock rectangle)
- fixed crash when matching a speed with a building or a turret
- fixed bug where second tutorial stage was accidentally skipped
- fixed bug where materials were illegal goods on pirate stations
- fixed crash caused by mine destruction
- fixed bug with clearing the lower right corner of the mini map
- fixed some bugs with overlappig text in few localisations
- fixed bug with volumetric fog, shader 3.0, HDR and star effect where half
  of the screen become white
- fixed bug with makkinist huge armor and shield
- added few CPU and GPU optimisations
- added few missing effect files that can cause a crash
- fixed bug with effect that stay in space after object destruction
- fixed bug with time device and normal fire rate (player will now fire in normal  rate while in time device mode)
- HUD now contains distance that tells you how far the  closest enemy missle is

- ship durability price is now 5% of ship full price

- added weapon heat time vars in GlobalData.cfg


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