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Inoffizielles Singleplayer-Mappack für Portal mit über 40 neuen Karten basierend auf "Portal: The Flash Version" von We Create Stuff

1) Zum Entpacken ist WinRAR erforderlich.
2) Die entpackten Dateien müssen in das Steam/Portal-Verzeichnis kopiert werden, z.B.
Valve\ Steam\ steamapps\-steam account name-\ portal\ portal
3) Das Singleplayer-Mappack kann anschließend unter Bonus-Karten gestartet werden.

Requires Steam with Half-Life 2 and Portal installed in order to play.

Based on Portal: The Flash Version, our very own Hen Mazolski brings us all the levels and concepts back to the original Portal version, in this huge mappack!

This time, experience Aperture Science from a different perspective, before the time of the original Portal, as a different test subject.

This mappack includes ALL 40 levels from WCS's Flash version, additional bonus levels and features. All together, we've got here over three and a half hours of amazing gameplay.

Based on the Portal: The Flash Version (http://portal.wecreatestuff.com/) that we have created. This Mappack brings all of the 40 levels plus some more originals. The story takes place before the events of Portal and shows you the enrichment center from another perspective.

IMPORTANT: This mappack requires both Portal and Half Life 2 to be owned and installed in order to work.
Just drop the content of the RAR file (the 4 folders) in Valve\ Steam\ steamapps\-youraccountname-\ portal\ portal and replace files if needed.
Then load the game, go to Bonus maps and Load the the Mappack from the list.

- Based on Portal:TFV
- More than 40 test chambers.
- Level design similar to the orginial Portal style
- Level difficulty is balanced, like the original
- New gameplay elements, such as the Electric Floors, Crushers, Blue and Red frizzles from the Flash version
- Isn't a test chamber after a test chamber, much more than that.
- Awesome storyline that connects to the Portal and the Half life 2 story
- Epic moments.
- Boss battle.
- Epic ending.
- The longest custom map so far, at least as far as I'm aware.


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