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Modifikation Nations at War 5.2 für Battlefield 2 (offizielle Website, Screenshots)

Nations at War - A Battlefield 2 Single Player / Co-op & Multiplayer Game MOD

An almost comprehensive list of changes made:
- 2 Unlocks added to all 14 armies!
- All shotguns tweeked AI fixed!
- Spec ops version of Steyr AUG
- Flash bang fixed for AI
- Claymore made more sensitive and kill/hit radius increased
- Ammo crate life increased added back repair health and ammo increased
- Artillery tweeked for more rounds per min
- Defib recharge time decreased
- Ammo packs available increased in Support kit
- Mines available increased in Engineer, Sniper, and Anti-Tank
- Health packs in world increased
- Steyr AUG with m203 recoil fixed
- Type 85 with m203 recoil fixed
- M82A1 fixed by kysterama from aix
- AA guns can be targeted when occupied
- RHIBs are no longer targetable (javelin, Air to Surface missles)
- Type 95 MG36 and PKM tweaked to same Ammo Type to match M249 SAW (tightened up differences between all LMGs)
- Fixed Images for Galil rifle
- Rambo knife in by Satnav!(M4 Spec Ops Kit)
- Jackhammer recoil reduced
- Knife made throwable by Satnav!
- Maximum of 5 knives, after throwing 5th knife, default to main weapon
- Knife throwing range limited to 8m code by satnav
- All shotguns tweaked in range and lethality
- Stinger missile added to an Antitank Kit


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