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Patch 1.14 für Armed Assault (Version 1.08 muss bereits installiert sein)

Download: Patch 1.05 (466 MB)
Download: Patch 1.05 -> 1.08 (564 MB)
Download: Patch 1.08 -> 1.14 (137 MB)


New content
# ArmA Warfare
# Southern Sahrani
# Desert Marines
# Woodland Army soldiers

# Newly adjusted default field of view
# Improved performance (up to 100% increase in frame rate depending on scene, video settings and graphics card)
# Significant optimizations with large view distances
# New scripting functions (string manipulation, multiplayer synchronization)
# Further improved recoil
# Improved airplane turn dynamics simulation (including improved rudder simulation)
# Fixed clipping issues with 16:9 or TrippleHead displays

# Numerous voice over net and multiplayer related fixes and improvements
# BattlEye anti-cheating system

# AI bridge pathfinding much improved
# Many combat AI improvements and tuning
# Fixed some bugs in the AI target recognition both visually and aurally

Stability and Compatibility
# Fixed compatibility issues with Vista x64 platform with 4 GB RAM
# Fixed Out Of Memory problems caused by exhausting 32b virtual address space
# Fixed compatibility problems caused by various copy protections used
# Fog is rendered correctly on DX10 generation cards

ArmA Warfare is a blend of a team-based multiplayer mission and realtime strategy included as a free update in the latest patch for ArmA Armed Assault / ArmA Combat Operations / ArmA Gold Edition.

    * Massive battles
      Take on dozens of other players on an online battlefield with hundreds of units.
    * First person strategy
      Build bases, perform missions, buy equipment and wipe the enemy off the map.
    * Reclaim South Sahrani
      Discover a new layout of South Sahrani with far more strategic options.
    * Personalise your warfare
      Be a grunt, lead a tank platoon, fly Close Air Support, or command the entire force.
    * New reinforcements
      Build up your combat force with all new USMC infantry, base facilities and defenses.

ARMA Warfare

Two sides fight for control of the entire 40 sq km map in titanic battles over air land and sea. Players must capture whole cities to gain resources that can be channelled into manufacturing even more weapons of war.

Each side has one commander, who can build factories and defensive structures in and around their base. As long as they have enough money and resources, players can use these factories to build units, weapons and vehicles. Defensive structures can be used to defend bases and the units stationed there.

Players must take account of logistical considerations outside their bases and cities too as truck convoys ferrying supplies between settlements are vulnerable to attack.

Players on each side are divided into a maximum of 16 teams. The commander can give these teams side missions and specify tasks or objectives, coordinating the entire side to ensure victory.


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