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Patch 1.2 für Europa Universalis: Rome

Gameplay Balancing
- Armies whose morale collapses in the first 5 days and face more than double the amount of enemies will now be eliminated.
- Battles should now be a fair bit more bloody.
- Failing an assault increases morale of defenders now.
- Morale of defenders now recover every month during a siege.
- Troops will no longer reinforce in empty provinces.
- Reinforcing at lack of supply line to a friendly occupied city is now only 10% of normal speed.
- Reinforcing adjacent to friendly occupied, but at hostile territory is halfed.
- Its now slower to land into enemy territory, but also faster to land into controlled territory.
- Loyal troops are now cheaper to maintain as their commander will pay some of their cost.
- Increased basic force limits.
- Fixed a problem with technology costs being almost 3 times as expensive as they should have been.
- Trade will always give at least 0.01 civilisation.
- No longer possible to trade with a nation you are at war with.
- Characters will no longer help out in civilwars if a country already have 120% of force limits.
- Characters of different religions and cultures are now alot less likely to be elected to office.
- Fleet commanders now have a small base salary.
- Dead people can no longer inherit loyal troops or wealth.
- Added a country-broken mechanism with restoring order and multiple events switching government and killing of the ruler.
- Getting your ruler captures now decreases stability, increases warexhaustion AND changes to a new ruler.
- Reputation increase rate now scale with rulers charisma, and maximum badboy limit also gets a boost depending on your rulers charisma. Modders can tweak this for "ruler_diplomatic_slickness" in static_modifiers.txt
- A country discovering a successfull assassination, supporting rebels or desecration of holy site now gets a casus belli against the offender.
- Risk of detecting assassin is increased if country sending them has a bad reputation.
- Once getting caught after a successful intrigue action a country may not perform another for 2 years.
- Tweaked badboy influence on intrigue missions.
- Desecrate holy site no longer gives away who did it by showing flag, even if not discovered.
- Discovery chance after supporting rebels is now no longer unreasonably high.
- Loyal troops in the field with their commander will now help protect him against assassins.
- It is now possible to cancel a tribute voluntarily while your tributary overlord if at war.
- Cancelling a tribute you are paying manually will now give the overlord a cb.
- Added a check to stop certain provinces supplying enormous amounts of mercenaries.
- Barbarians now only settle in occupied territory.
- Barbarians will no longer be able to increase civilization value in some provinces when occupying.
- Barbarian uprisings now empty most of the mercenary pool for that province.
- The neighbor province fulfilling the requirements and with highest civ rating now dictates what culture/religion a colonized province gets.
- You will now be able to hold on to provinces takes from a country in civil war.
- A civil war ends when one faction no longer controlls any provinces (as opposed to old behavior when only ownership was checked)
- If the civil war ends when you control some of the loosing sides provinces they will now be yours, but you will take a hefty reputation hit for taking advantage of the country (I recommend settling a peace deal with the loosing side before this happens and gain some provinces this way instead).
- A couple of new checks stop provinces from defecting to rebel side when they are under a foreign powers control.
- Newly formed countries now start with some gold and stability.
- Non-exisiting countries will no longer research technologies.
- Countries created will now get the technology level of their former capitals owner.
- Countries can no longer be called into war from two allies at once on both sides.

Interface Enhancements
- Improved transferspeed of savegames in multiplayer.
- F12 will now save a snapshot of the world political map in screenshot folder (holding shift while pressing F12 will only display your country and its allies.)
- There is now an (*) indicator on family name in the selection screen for characters. That one is shown if it is the same family as the ruler.
- New colored frames around character portraits in character selector to show friends/rivals to the ruler.
- Ruler now has a green border in character selector.
- Event popups affecting characters should now print their position/jobs next to names.
- Popup for newborns now includes link to dynasty page.
- Cores for countries not exisiting will now be shown properly in province view.
- Requirements for colonization now reported in more helpful order.
- Preselected character no longer shown in list when picking diplomatic envoy
- Previous character now shown when selecting new envoy, even if it was the default one.
- Military view now updates when new units are recruited.
- Morale display now is always of relevant troops in the combatview.
- Unit tooltip now deducts maintenance cost for loyal units that are partialy paid by their commander.
- Added extra decimals for unit maintenance cost tooltips.
- Reorganizing navies now works even if game isnt paused.
- Added province tax column in ledger for construction page.
- Added some more tolerance to deficit alert.
- Fixed things that used to be invisible in trade mapmode so that they now show like in the others.

- Peace tributes interface now lets you offer in smaller increments.
- Now possible to put in more exact tribute requests in peace view.
- Tooltip for tribue relation in diplomatic view now shows the amount of tribute.

AI Improvements
- AI should no longer be able to pull off an illegal retreat during the first day of combat.
- Garrison AI: Fixed a problem with units marching back and forth between different owner areas.
- AI will no longer desecrate provinces that have already been desecrated.
- AI will no longer add its support to rebels in provinces with already very high support.
- Tweaked balance for how likely the AI is to pick different intrigue options.
- AI should no longer attempt to desecrates holy shrines in provinces that do not share the government's religion
- AI will no longer continue to recruit armies in sieged provinces.
- AI will now no longer get confused in peace negotiation when a lesser member of opposing alliance can be annexed, and the main one cant.
- AI will no longer try and stirr up revolts in provinces that are occupied by a third party.

Modding Support
- Added a "controlled_by = this/from/owner/
- Added triggers for navy_size_percentage & army_size_percentage, which checks percentage compared to force limits.
- Added an at_location = this/from/ trigger for character scope. Checks that character is located in same province as origin.
- Added an "has_unassigned_unit = yes/no" trigger, checks if there is a unit lacking a commander in the country.
- Implemented a "remove_from_unit = xx" effect for character scope.
- Added a "assign_to_unit = this/from//0" which gives current character command of a unit from defined target.
- "assign_to_unit" if in the scope of a character WITH a unit, will assume its that unit, and take character from this/from.
- Added a new trigger check ("is_land") to control if a province, or character is on land.
- War trigger now also checks if country is in civil war.

Databases & Events
- Added an event for characters who have no money
- Added an event for characters to get unemployed friends vacant governor jobs.
- Added events for letting tribes pick civilize or hold to old ways, happening about every 2 years.
- Added trigger to the "Let the rivalry end" event
- The "Sibling rivalry" event will decrease your sibling's loyalty of popularity
- Religious conversions can trigger for islands
- New nation events will add appropriate cores
- Vacant job event should now only fire for people of correct age, and when other province than capital.
- Higher finesse is now required for religious conversions events, and are also less likely to occurr.
- Games in honour of Ahura Mazda will only trigger for countries following the Zoroastrian fate
- Events that appoint governors now check that the province is under your control.
- Decreased the amount of tribute paid by Numidia to Carthage
- Alazones is controlled by Rhoxolani
- Dacia is a playable nation form the start
- Reduced Egypt's manpower slightly
- Tritonis is controlled by barbarians from the start
- Reduced the population of Theveste
- Increased the number of slaves for Rome
- Changed the barbarian value of province Aulerci

- The game should no longer crash when changing dates on certain computers running vista.
- Rewrote selection indicator to use shaders. Hopefully works better on intel boards now as well as being more efficent.
- The game should no longer crash when selecting units on old driver versions on intel graphic cards.
- Updated some interfaces to support higher resolutions.
- Optimizations to menu display.
- Optimized map updates in frontend.

General Bugfixes
- Scythian cityviews now support farmland, so no more missplaced deserts.
- Fixed broken texture for carthaginian academy, so it should now be visible.
- Fixed a number of errors in the merc events
- The "dead trade route" problem should now be fixed.
- Disloyal commanders can no longer be changed from military view.
- Fixed tooltip lag in scenario selection screen
- Fixed some text bugs, and tpyos!
- Removed the illegal war_score triggers from events, as that did not exist in the code.
- Added text to governor events
- Family prestige is now loaded properly from a savegame.
- Fixed a problem with family names applied on roman newborn.
- Fixed overlapping flags in game setup screen when many allies.
- Characters should no longer raise troops in sea provinces.
- Units should no longer be recruited to sea provinces.
- Tradegoods no longer shown for sea provinces.
- Added extra resource checks to stop crashes when rendering text.
- Fixed a problem with assaultbutton not disabling when it should.
- Fixed selection/merge bug involving multiple armies transported on a fleet disappearing.
- Fixed a crash in AI when releasing prisoners.
- Previous rulers page in ledgers now have correct attribute orders.
- Mixed up column sorting sorted out in character selection.
- You can no longer appoint governors to occupied/sieged provinces through the ledger. - Fix incorrect province name coloring in ledger.
- Fixed tribute hint showing for countries that cant pay tribute.
- Expired casus bellis from savegames are no longer active for a short while after loading (and thus exploitable).
- Fixed a map update bug in scenario selection when returning from singleplayer.
- Fixed possible crash in diplomatic actions.


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