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Inoffizieller Hotfix/Patch v1.0.7.0615 für die PC-Version von Halo (Quelle)

This fix is designed to address a recently-surfaced server exploit in Halo PC.

Roger here, Bungie's old Halo PC guy from way back when. I've been in touch with Gearbox regarding the exploit currently being abused to make Halo servers unresponsive, and we've identified a fix. Now, I have no idea what the official support status of this game is, and I don't relish the thought of asking our friends at MGS to spin up a new Halo 1 PC support team and get their copy of the source out of whatever underground vault they keep it in. So, since I still have the official build machine under my desk (well, I put it in storage for a while, but yesterday asked our IT team to "unseal the hushed casket"), I made a fixed build and I'm posting it here. Don't take this as any official change in the game's support policy from MS, Bungie, or Gearbox, but when a problem like this comes along, we do want to help out the fans who have kept the game alive for this long.

So here's the plan: The zip I'm posting today has binaries that fix the particular bug in question. It's gotten only minimal testing to verify that it runs and isn't vulnerable. Over the next couple weeks, we'll watch the community feedback and look through the source a little more to see of we see any similar vulnerabilities we should patch at the same time. Then in about a month, I'll assemble a regular auto-patch so that players will get this fixed build automatically. Until then, the old build will remain live on the autopatcher, and you'll have to get this fix manually from here. The exe will be version stamped at build 0615, but in-game the version string will continue to say 0613 for compatibility reasons.

This patch contains four EXEs: client & dedicated servers for Halo PC and Halo CE. Drop the binaries into the respective game directories. If you provide feedback here, please focus on items related to this exploit fix; we will not be making other changes related to new hardware support, performance, etc.


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