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Zweiter Patch für Supreme Ruler 2020

UPDATE TWO (Version 5.2.1) NOTES

Scenario Changes and Additions For Update Two

New Scenario added: Kashmir Objective
- As India you must reclaim the region of Kashmir while keeping Pakistan out of the action.

Update Two Changes
- Fixed Save Game / AI Resign bug
- Corrected 'Allow WMD' setting from Lobby
- World Market price no longer reset on game load
- Bridges now build correctly in center of hex; can be scrapped
- Scrap/Destroy now work differently
- Adjustments made to Diplomatic Difficulty settings
- Added 'No Debt' support to game lobby options
- Fixed Ground units firing on mid-air units in certain conditions
- Eliminated Regions are now carved up by regions at war with them
- Scrap/Destroy/Offline now deploy units from bases
- Helicopters de-stack from hex before mission air units
- Save game file corruption of large/special case games now fixed
- Leaders are now better matched to regions
- Oceanic complexes don't go offline when taken over damaged
- Enemy/Neutral units show yellow (not red) firing ground-hud
- Ports are highlighted without selection in Unit Tab when Branch chosen
- Double-click on spy list can now be used to give then an order
- Rare Arctic circle crash fixed
- Resolved missiles not finding platforms to deploy to
- Garrisons no longer able to engage air units
- Can no longer build naval fabrication inland
- Units now deploy if order to deactivate, scrap or destroy is given to a reserve facility
- Eliminated countries divide land with enemy regions with shared borders. Island can go to any enemy region.
- AI regions build units based on DEFCON settings
- Precision Spotting not implemented
- Enhanced tool tips added over facility inspection in Land Department
- More Tips of the Day added
- Population icon added in enhanced tooltip
- Lobby auto-save settings now available
- # Group 0 enabled for unit control

Various minor changes made to city names, equipment file, regional information, population, map resources
- Six new 3D unit models added


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