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Patch 1.3.3 für die deutsche Version von Reprobates: Insel der Verdammten

Die Installation des Patches kann in Ausnahmefällen leider dazu führen, dass sich gespeicherte Spielstände einer Version vor diesem Patch nicht mehr laden oder nicht ohne Fehler laden lassen.

- some localization issues
- CTRL+END to skip minigames localized
- some minor changes

- some localization issues
- shelter will keep objects also after death in the night chapter

- energy removed
- CTRL+END to skip minigames
- quicker Adam's movement

- fix: some Adam's subtitles were written with a wrong colour
- fix: some zoomed dialogs were terminated too early
    (before the end of the last talk)

- fix: subtitles in cutscenes (intro, outro) are visible
- tweak: minigame safety belt -
   increased time for the last and the smallest piece

- US version related changes

- some minor changes

- fix: [N2] repeat of taking pills and breaking flashlight
- fix: sometimes the game could be freezed if some automatic
    action triggers while other action is in progress
    (e.g. [d5] in the cave)
- fix: some minor graphic issues
- exe: increased level of mouse and keyboard compatibility

- exe fix: crash error (occurs in 1.2.13)

- fix: traps (D7.Pasti, D8.Dzungle) can lead to game freeze
- fix: when Adam is picking up a boulder or going to fire he could
    be freezed after right click
- fix: click to inventory out of any objects will not order Adam to move
- fix: on the end of D1 the game could be freezed
       (use stick on the boulder->set fire on log->go to Edwin->
     wait for end in the 8th bungalow)
- fix: on the end of D1 the game could be blocked
       (use stick on the boulder->go to Edwin->talk about the stone->
     dialog about log will never occur)
- save/load game tweaks
- minor text issues
- minor graphic issues
- exe fix: interruption of sounds (e.g. voice-overs)

- fix: D4 after respawning after death in the cave
       there was no trunk to tie a rope
- fix: D8 after respawning in the jungle the trap is properly set
- fix: unused film loading (intro)
- fix: minigame safety belt can be locked after starting in the
       particular position
- some tweaks
- some minor graphic issues
- improved autoload (NpcAdamNic_N, particles)
- exe: some memory related tweaks
- setup: Improved sound compatibility
 AudioDevice could be set only to Generic hardware or Generic Software.
 Generic Software will be used instead of all other older variants.
 This will fix the main problem with sound (no sound or low volume etc.)

- fix: after using stick in the bell tower it will returns to inv [D2,D3]

- fix: game freezes which can occur after pressing any key while Adam
    is going to use something (from 1.2.5)
- fix: arrives in N1.Retez, N1.Rukavice
- fix: [D8] action continued after death (if Adam is ordered to take
       the red berries he dies due to a trap.)
- some graphics fixes
- exe fix: in very special cases (hard to describe) the game could be freezed

- N4: after Edwin's attack Adam It was possible to skip one monologue in
      N4.pitevna and then the game could be freezed.
- Menu: correct remove of focus of a menu item (from 1.2.8)

1.2.8 or lesser
a) performance issues
 - fixed memory leaks (they can lead to significant decrease
   of performance or crashes)
 - improved performance of a mouse cursor
 - improved memory management
 - improved event processing (e.g. the first click)
b) game issues
 - a new feature: auto restore of Adam energy when he is do not do anything
 - when Adam dies the game will return to the last action (if possible)
 - fixed some game freezes (or disappearing of mouse) after some actions
   (e.g. entering menu, in the car when train is coming)
 - fixed disappearing of Adam after entering menu on some places
 - some minor changes
c) sound issues
 - a new AudioDevice setting in the EngineSetup
   (change from auto value resolves varied sound problems)
 - fixed some bugs which lead to no sound in cutscenes
d) graphic issues
 - fixed problem with using rope on pulley at the crane in
    the chapter N1 which lead to crash
 - some minor changes


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