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Patch "Enhanced Edition" für Kinder des Nils (deutsche Version)

Description: Updates the retail boxed version of Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile to the Enhanced Edition which adds new features and resolves the issues listed below.

Note: Children of the Nile: Enhanced Edition requires a DirectX 9.0c redistributable from April 2007 or later. You can download the latest DirectX redistributable here - extract it to a folder, double-click the DXSETUP file inside that folder, and follow the prompts.

New Features
- Vista Compatibility
- Added Brickyard (new infrastructure building that can store bricks closer to construction sites)
- New statues (2 small, 2 large and 1 brick)
- 3 new fountains and 2 new shrubberies
- 4 new plazas
- 2 new shrine variants
- New bricklayer home variant
- Travel accelerated on roads
- Priests are more effective - they now have wives and activate buildings longer
- Pyramid construction tweaked (smoothed and accelerated)
- Reduced barter times during shopping (making everyone's life a little easier)
- Temples made more effective relative to shrines
- Papyrus easier to make and more effective
- Lessened the effect of Hapi's "No Flood" event
- Quickstart Tutorial Scenario
- Resources more visible on map & mini-map
- Buildings that require additional specific materials now describe what they need when selected
- Problems with supply chain are displayed on buildings effected by the problem (e.g., no boats to move things across the river)
- "No Problems" indicator (homes and figures show all satisfaction types at all times)
- Right-click orders are available on a new button (buildings that house figures with multiple order options now have a button that can be used select from those options)
- WASD camera control

Issues Resolved
- Crash due to figures unable to attend a funeral
- Crash caused by priest migration
- World level traders were getting stuck at the edge of the map in some scenarios
- Crash when stuck traders were robbed by raiders
- Figures sometimes got stuck trying to board reed boats
- Service building activation and visitation text was not updating properly
- Accessibility keys were not functioning properly within the game and menus
- Laborers were not properly using some barge landings
- Buildings with docks (barge landings, quays, shipwrights) should now be easier to place
- Nobles engaged in leisure hunting were sometimes unable to reach certain targets
- Charioteer attack animation updated
- Children sometimes skating instead of walking
- World level merchant transaction headings were improperly labeled
- Shops sometimes refused to sell goods
- Four digit prestige values did not display properly
- The palace could not be rebuilt if destroyed in the second tutorial
- World level sites that required limestone blocks sometimes counted those already used in pyramids
- Weapon quantities were displaying improperly on the world level
- Several fixes for scenario and campaign text
- Save file size reduced
- Performance smoothed
- Carried resources and animations updated
- Townhouse graphics updated
- Chariot animations updated
- Princess graphic updated
- Figures getting stuck in a variety of situations
- Crash when a figure is on a boat when its family migrates
- Soldiers getting killed or stuck preventing world level combat
- Crash due to stuck raiders
- Merchant boats sometimes unable to reach the edge of a map
- Local barges not reaching docks and preventing barges from being used
- Funerals drawing the wrong people to attend them
- Nobles not hunting and yachting
- Tariffs not assessing actual transactions
- Bread from getting goods at exchange or storage areas not being counted properly
- Vagrants stuck begging
- Reed boats never disappearing
- Reporting of demands fluctuating rapidly
- Game speed setting causing differences in game play
- F1 and ? did not bring up help index
- Grain appearing before granary construction completed
- Festivals around un-built buildings
- Sleds unable to reach barge landings
- Sleds and barges switching between each other inappropriately
- Figures using bad outside tags
- Replaying a campaign scenario could convert it to non campaign
- Campaign auto saves not storing all campaign data correctly
- Crash with units crossing the river and family migrating


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