My Horse & Me - Mein Pferd und ich 2 Xbox 360 Achievements (Erfolge) -


Spieletipps: Erfolge

  1. Master of Foal Herding
    10 Achievement
    Master of Foal Herding
    Send 16 foals in Foal Herding game
  2. Master of Labyrinth
    10 Achievement
    Master of Labyrinth
    Complete the Labyrinth game in less then 90 seconds
  3. Master of Break in the Bull
    10 Achievement
    Master of Break in the Bull
    Stay on horse 25 seconds in Rodeo game
  4. Master of Ball Slalom
    10 Achievement
    Master of Ball Slalom
    Complete the Slalom game in less then 65 seconds
  5. Master of Race with Katelyn
    10 Achievement
    Master of Race with Katelyn
    Complete the Racing game in less than 70 seconds
  6. Master of Jumping
    30 Achievement
    Master of Jumping
    Jump 150 fences in Show jumping courses
  7. Master of Dressage
    30 Achievement
    Master of Dressage
    Make 20 dressage figures
  8. Master of Cross-country
    30 Achievement
    Master of Cross-country
    Jump 200 obstacles in cross country courses
  9. Wardrobe Items unlocked
    40 Achievement
    Wardrobe Items unlocked
    Unlock all wardrobe items
  10. Stable Items Unlocked
    40 Achievement
    Stable Items Unlocked
    Unlock all stable items
  11. Local Competitions Unlocked
    50 Achievement
    Local Competitions Unlocked
    Local competitions unlocked
  12. National Competitions Unlocked
    50 Achievement
    National Competitions Unlocked
    National competitions unlocked
  13. Internat. Competitions Unlocked
    50 Achievement
    Internat. Competitions Unlocked
    International Competitions Unlocked
  14. Fun Games Expert
    70 Achievement
    Fun Games Expert
    Finish fun games 10 times
  15. Grooming Expert
    60 Achievement
    Grooming Expert
    Groom your horse 15 times
  16. Trainings Expert
    80 Achievement
    Trainings Expert
    Get a perfect score in training events
  17. Real Champion
    90 Achievement
    Real Champion
    Collect 8 gold trophies
  18. Game Finished on Amateur
    140 Achievement
    Game Finished on Amateur
    Complete the entire game on Amateur difficulty
  19. Game Finished on Professional
    190 Achievement
    Game Finished on Professional
    Complete the entire game on Professional difficulty

Entwickler: Mistic Software
Publisher: Atari
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