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  1. True Wreckateer
    40 Achievement
    True Wreckateer
    Completed all Campaign Levels
  2. Master of Destruction
    35 Achievement
    Master of Destruction
    Earned Gold Medals in all Levels, including Challenges
  3. Wrecking With The Best
    25 Achievement
    Wrecking With The Best
    Earned 25,000,000 total points
  4. Serious Earner
    25 Achievement
    Serious Earner
    Earned at least a Silver Medal on all Campaign Levels
  5. Respectable
    15 Achievement
    Earned at least a Silver Medal on 40 levels
  6. Green is Good
    20 Achievement
    Green is Good
    You got to 1,000 Goblins destroyed in the Goblins Leaderboard
  7. Sir Wrecks-a-lot
    20 Achievement
    Sir Wrecks-a-lot
    Earned Gold Medals in 40 Levels
  8. Will Wreck for Food And Gold
    15 Achievement
    Will Wreck for Food And Gold
    Earned Gold Medals in 20 Levels
  9. Bosslike
    15 Achievement
    Earned at least a Silver Medal on all Challenge Maps
  10. Flying High
    15 Achievement
    Flying High
    Collected 10 Shot Icons in a single shot with the Flying Shot
  11. Splosion Shot
    15 Achievement
    Splosion Shot
    Got a 125,000 point shot by Activating the Bomb Shot
  12. Once More With Feeling
    10 Achievement
    Once More With Feeling
    Used 50 Mulligans
  13. Used 50 Mulligans
    10 Achievement
    Used 50 Mulligans
    Got a Daredevil Bonus Icon with a Flying Shot
  14. Insult To Injury
    10 Achievement
    Insult To Injury
    Collected any Shot Icon and an In The Face Bonus Icon with a single shot
  15. Red Baron
    10 Achievement
    Red Baron
    Got Low Power, Daredevil, and Dive Bomber Bonus Icons with a single shot
  16. Surprise
    10 Achievement
    Got Perfect Timing and Terrifying Bonus Icons with a single shot
  17. Actual Historical Shot
    10 Achievement
    Actual Historical Shot
    Got Massive Damage, Earned A Mulligan, and Bank Shot Bonus Icons with a single shot
  18. Stay On Target
    10 Achievement
    Stay On Target
    Got 10 Daredevil Icons with a single Flying Shot
  19. Oh, you got tricks?
    10 Achievement
    Oh, you got tricks?
    You have earned every Bonus Icon
  20. Split Decision
    10 Achievement
    Split Decision
    Collected 5 Shot Icons in a single shot with the Split Shot
  21. Building an Army
    10 Achievement
    Building an Army
    You've enlisted to help fight the good fight.
  22. Ghostride the Whip
    10 Achievement
    Ghostride the Whip
    Took the Hot Goblin for a ride 30 times
  23. Crack Shot!
    10 Achievement
    Crack Shot!
    Earned 5 Bonus Icons in a single shot
  24. Keep Rolling
    10 Achievement
    Keep Rolling
    Earned at least a Bronze Medal on 40 levels
  25. Good Start
    5 Achievement
    Good Start
    Earned at least a Bronze Medal on 20 levels
  26. I Want Them All
    5 Achievement
    I Want Them All
    Got an Icon Collector Bonus Icon
  27. Hit The Weak Spot
    5 Achievement
    Hit The Weak Spot
    Got a Massive Damage Bonus Icon
  28. Punctual
    5 Achievement
    Got a Perfect Timing Bonus Icon
  29. What Challenge?
    5 Achievement
    What Challenge?
    Collected 8 Shot and Action Icons on the first Challenge Map
  30. Quick Study
    5 Achievement
    Quick Study
    Earned your first medal

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