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  1. Ranked by Hank
    10 Achievement
    Ranked by Hank
    Don't fail any swings in coach intro
  2. Entry Fee
    20 Achievement
    Entry Fee
    Post an EA SPORTS™ GamerNet challenge worth more than 1,250 points
  3. Channel Surfer
    25 Achievement
    Channel Surfer
    Beat a 100+ point challenge in any 4 EA SPORTS™ GamerNet channels
  4. Double Digit
    25 Achievement
    Double Digit
    Earn 5,000 Player Points in EA SPORTS™ GamerNet
  5. Single Digit
    35 Achievement
    Single Digit
    Earn 25,000 Player Points in EA SPORTS™ GamerNet
  6. Scratch
    50 Achievement
    Earn 50,000 Player Points in EA SPORTS™ GamerNet
  7. 15 Minutes of Fame
    10 Achievement
    15 Minutes of Fame
    Beat an EA SPORTS™ GamerNet Instant Challenge
  8. Caddie Master
    10 Achievement
    Caddie Master
    Play 100+ different EA SPORTS™ GamerNet Challenges
  9. Club Champ
    25 Achievement
    Club Champ
    Boost your golfer’s Attributes to the max (12) without a Max Stats Costume
  10. Course Management
    25 Achievement
    Course Management
    Finish a round of golf below par with only irons
  11. All your Balls are Belong to Us
    50 Achievement
    All your Balls are Belong to Us
    Unlock all Trophy Balls
  12. Battle Tested
    25 Achievement
    Battle Tested
    Win a full round of Battle Golf
  13. Fantasy Fiesta
    10 Achievement
    Fantasy Fiesta
    Play a full round of an online simultaneous-play game mode as a fantasy golfer
  14. Owning Old Man Par
    25 Achievement
    Owning Old Man Par
    Par or better on every course with the same created golfer
  15. Ace in the Hole
    25 Achievement
    Ace in the Hole
    Get a hole in one
  16. Tweeter
    25 Achievement
    Sink 50 Birdies using a created golfer
  17. Running in Circles
    25 Achievement
    Running in Circles
    Sink 200 birdies
  18. Baldy
    25 Achievement
    Sink 10 Eagles using a created golfer
  19. Flying High
    25 Achievement
    Flying High
    Sink 75 Eagles
  20. An Albatross Nickel
    50 Achievement
    An Albatross Nickel
    Sink 5 Double Eagles
  21. Smoke Show
    25 Achievement
    Smoke Show
    Drive 400 yards
  22. Medalist
    50 Achievement
    10 Under on Tour Pro
  23. Afraid of the Dark
    10 Achievement
    Afraid of the Dark
    Get the ball within a few inches from the hole without sinking it
  24. Pin Seeker
    15 Achievement
    Pin Seeker
    Hit the Pin
  25. Ready Golf
    20 Achievement
    Ready Golf
    Play through a Simultaneous Online 18-Hole game
  26. Member-Guest
    10 Achievement
    Host an Online Game
  27. Lock it Up
    50 Achievement
    Lock it Up
    Unlock all PGA TOUR® Trophies
  28. Major Player
    25 Achievement
    Major Player
    Win a Major
  29. First Class
    50 Achievement
    First Class
    Win the FedExCup
  30. Grand Slam
    50 Achievement
    Grand Slam
    Win all 4 majors
  31. Picture Perfect
    10 Achievement
    Picture Perfect
    Create a Photo Game Face golfer
  32. Member's Fees
    10 Achievement
    Member's Fees
    Spend $10,000 in the Pro Shop
  33. Big Spender
    10 Achievement
    Big Spender
    Buy 100 items in the Pro Shop using your career earnings
  34. Furry Fairways
    10 Achievement
    Furry Fairways
    Complete an entire round of golf with a score of -12 while wearing the Bunny Suit
  35. Tour Van Tinkerer
    10 Achievement
    Tour Van Tinkerer
    Play a Round of golf with Tuned Clubs
  36. Tiger Tamer
    75 Achievement
    Tiger Tamer
    Beat Tiger in Tiger Challenge
  37. Buick® Clubhouse Member
    25 Achievement
    Buick® Clubhouse Member
    Defeat Travis Knox in Tiger Challenge
  38. Buick® Clubhouse Ambassador
    25 Achievement
    Buick® Clubhouse Ambassador
    Defeat Tiki Panday in Tiger Challenge
  39. (Geheimer Erfolg) On the Bogey Train
    0 Achievement
    (Geheimer Erfolg) On the Bogey Train
    Score 10 Double Bogeys using any golfer
  40. (Geheimer Erfolg) Lost the Plot
    0 Achievement
    (Geheimer Erfolg) Lost the Plot
    Shot limit exceeded

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