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Entwickler: Avalanche Studios
Publisher: Square Enix
Test: Just Cause 2
Test: Just Cause 2
Test: Just Cause 2
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Just Cause 2
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Just Cause 2: Großes Update für die Mehrspieler-Modifikation

Die Mehrspieler-Modifikation, an der ein kleines Team aus Hobby-Entwicklern schon eine ganze Zeit lang unter dem Namen JC-MP werkelt, hat ein großes Update bekommen. Die Version 0.2 beinhaltet nach Angaben auf der offizellen Webseite folgende zentrale Neuerungen und Ergänzungen:

1. Scriptable Client Actors erlaubt die Erstellung von computergesteuerten Nebenfiguren auf Client-Seite.

2. Die Modelle sämtlicher Zivilisten können jetzt verwendet werden.

3. Depth-Tested Rendering ermöglicht jetzt Veränderungen innerhalb der Spielwelt, indem z.B. ein berechneter Schriftzug in die Kulisse / Spielwelt eingefügt wird.

4. Basic Unicode Support, um mehr Sprachen verwenden und darstellen zu können.

5. Überarbeitetes Hauptmenü, um schnelleren Zugriff auf favorisierte Server zu bekommen.

6. Steam Achievements.

Außerdem hat man u.a. die Client-/Server-Kommunikation verbessert sowie einige schwere Bugs behoben.

Hier das komplette Changelog für Version 0.2 im Original:

New Features


    Added support for all of the previously unsupported civilian models
    Added Steam achievements
    Added SharedObject class
    Added NetworkObject class
    Added WorldNetworkObject class
    Added basic UTF-8 support to Lua strings
    Added SetUnicode(boolean) global function
    Added storage to all entities, not just Players
    Deprecated PlayerValueChange and PlayerNetworkValueChange events
    Refactored Chat class functions to support multiple colours in a single message
    Added Vehicle.GetClassByModelId
    Added Vehicle:GetClass
    Added VehicleClass enum
    Improved Lua errors with event argument printout
    Added delta argument to PreTick/PostTick and Render/PostRender
    Added Angle.Delta
    Added Vector2.Reflect and Vector3.Reflect


    Added module metadata
    Added Player:Damage
    Added Vehicle:SetStreamPosition and Vehicle:SetStreamAngle
    Added Vehicle:Get/SetSpawnPosition and Vehicle:Get/SetSpawnAngle
    Can now disable collisions between two different types with Player/Server functions EnableCollision/DisableCollision
    Added ClientModulesLoad event
    Added Player:RequestGroupMembership(groupId, callback)
    Added StreamableObject:GetStreamedPlayers
    Added SLED debugger support
    Added suppressible PlayerAchievementUnlock event
    Added Server:GetFrameTime
    Added SendAutorunWhenEmpty config variable, default as false, to control whether autorun scripts are sent for empty modules
    Added netstat command


    Added ClientActor class which provides a basic client-side NPC interface
    Added GameRender event for depth-tested rendering in the game world
    Main menu overhaul
    Added support for streaming image resources with AssetLocation.Resource
    Added support for Unicode characters in CharPress
    Added LocalPlayer:SetLinearVelocity
    Added Character class, common to Player and ClientActor
    Added Character:Get/SetLeftArmState
    Added Character:GetSeat
    Added Vehicle:Set(Linear/Angular)Velocity
    Added GetClimateZone method to streamed and client entities
    Added ClimateZone enum
    Added Player:GetAvatar
    Added AvatarSize enum
    Added Featured tab to the server browser
    Added description field to the server browser
    Server browser filters are now consistent between restarts
    Added Camera functions SetFOV and GetFOV
    Added LocalPlayerEjectVehicle event
    Added 'entity' and 'impulse' arguments to VehicleCollide event
    Added LocalPlayer functions SetOxygen and GetOxygen
    Added LocalPlayer:IsFriend(steamid/player)
    Added Client:GetFrameTime
    Added Game:GetWeatherSeverity
    Added ClientStreamableObject as a base class to Vehicle/Player
    Added an optional boolean parameter to Physics:Raycast to disable the raycast filter
    LocalPlayerBulletHit event now contains a bone argument
    Added a setting to toggle vehicle camera snap and adjust timeout
    Added a setting to toggle vehicle stunt camera
    Removed apostrophe keybind opening console, added a setting to configure console keybind
    Added support for correctly rendering the tab character in text
    Added CursorType enum
    Added Mouse:SetCursor
    Added FontAwesome and League Gothic fonts to resources
    Added ability to navigate through TextBox history using Up and Down arrow keys
    Added Ctrl-Left/Ctrl-Right hotkeys to TextBox to facilitate moving the cursor word by word
    Added Label:SetLineSpacing
    Added TextBoxNumeric:Get/SetNegativeAllowed
    Added gui_show_netstat console command
    Added window position and size launch parameters

Bug Fixes


    General sync improvement
    Luabind now checks parent classes when looking up class members (class("MyDerived")(MyBase) in _init.lua works now)
    Scripts are now loaded in alphabetical order on all platforms
    Fixed script profiler not counting network events
    The marshaller now accepts table keys of any type
    Angles sent over the network no longer lose precision from compression
    Vector2/Vector3/Color statics can no longer be edited
    Comparing any API class with '==' should now work
    Fixed random number generator not being seeded at startup
    Improved Timer precision


    Fixed issue with server memory not being freed on entity removal
    Fixed issue with world iterators not working correctly
    Fixed a bug where scripts would still be run even if the server failed to start
    Fixed SteamId outputting the community id when printed on Windows


    Fixed bones returning the wrong position for smaller models (Breaking change)
    Fixed very long-standing issue with on-foot weapons often not firing for other clients
    Vastly improved vehicle sync, also allows players to stand on vehicles as in singleplayer
    Hopefully fixed archive bug that caused models/effects to fail to load
    Fixed static objects not responding to the biome (snow / dust)
    Fixed an extremely prevalent crash during entity collision listener removal
    General renderer improvements
    Refactored Mounted Gun sync, resulting in better aim accuracy
    Reduced memory usage by preventing entire archives from being loaded at once
    Fixed issue where requested models could sometimes be wiped out by the loading screen process
    Fixed a bug where vehicle colors were darker than the requested colors
    Fixed issue with vehicle colors not being applied to some turret parts
    Fixed input sometimes going crazy when in a menu
    Fixed settings window not preserving game resolution upon resize
    Improved precision of Input:GetValue return value
    Fixed being stuck in the air when EnterVehicle is called while grappling
    Things drawn in 3D (and Render:WorldToScreen) no longer appear to be ahead by one frame
    Fixed character model not changing if gui hidden or in a menu
    Removed highlighted servers from the server browser
    Character models are now reset on disconnect
    Fixed PlayerEnterVehicle missing old_driver arg
    Fixed issue with default player state being PlayerState.None instead of PlayerState.OnFoot
    Some client entities now inherit from ClientStreamableObject to mirror the server classes
    Added parameters argument to ClientSound.Create
    ImagePanel:SetImage now takes an Image instead of a path
    Fixed HSVColorPicker issues
    Fixed SortedList header being offset when it has a scrollbar
    Fixed crash with SortedList:Clear
    Fixed issue with SortedList sizing

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|Chris| schrieb am
Liesel Weppen hat geschrieben:Was genau sind Renderungen? Und wenn Depth-Tested jetzt Renderungen innerhalb der Spielewelt erlaubt, wo hat man dann vorher Renderungen gemacht? Ausserhalb der Spielewelt?
Unicode für mehr Spracher hab ich mal dezenzt überlesen.

Google Translator, des Praktikanten wichtigstes Werkzeug ;)
Liesel Weppen schrieb am
Was genau sind Renderungen? Und wenn Depth-Tested jetzt Renderungen innerhalb der Spielewelt erlaubt, wo hat man dann vorher Renderungen gemacht? Ausserhalb der Spielewelt?
Unicode für mehr Spracher hab ich mal dezenzt überlesen.
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