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Publisher: Daybreak
Q2 2016
Test: DC Universe Online
Test: DC Universe Online
Test: DC Universe Online
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DC Universe Online - Großes Update am 22. Februar

DC Universe Online (Rollenspiel) von Daybreak
DC Universe Online (Rollenspiel) von Daybreak - Bildquelle: Daybreak

Am 22. Februar bekommt DC Universe Online ein größeres Update spendiert. Neben allerlei Verbesserungen an der Stabilität und der Balance wird das Update das versprochene Auktionshaus einführen sowie zahllose neue Gegenstände. Außerdem wird es möglich sein mit insgesamt acht Spielern den "Batcave" zu infiltrieren und Batmans heilige Hallen zurückzuerobern.

New Features:
    * New Batcave Raid: 8 players will have the opportunity to infiltrate and retake Batman's Inner Sanctum, which has been overrun by OMAC and the Dark Knight's own corrupted technology. Fight along side Batman against Brother Eye!
    * New Appearance Items: Earn a Harlequin Clown suit or a Cherub disguise through a variety of holiday activities.
    * Goddess of Love Alert: Join up with three others to decide the epic battle between Devotion and Scorn once and for all.
    * New Races: Can you catch Catwoman as she leaps across buildings in Gotham City?
    * New Collections: All new collection sets will allow players to continue finding these hidden items.
    * New Themed Missions: Enjoy various missions that will challenge the player in combat, jumping, and much more.
    * A New Bane Duo: Another Duo has been added for your enjoyment! Pair up with another player and take on Bane for a chance at great loot.
    * New PvP Ring Event: Available on both PvP and PvE servers, Heroes and villains race to either save or steal valuable bags of diamonds from armored vans.
    * An Auction House - Players may now buy and sell tradeable items on a Broker in The Watchtower and Hall of Doom.
    * New Armor: Make your way to the Gotham Museum and help Catwoman to receive pieces of brand new Mayan armor!

    * Improved Server and Client stability.
    * Added additional support for PC Game Controllers.
    * An issue where software overclocking would cause gameplay to appear laggy should have been resolved.
    * Players should no longer be prevented from moving if the Object or NPC they are interacting with despawns during the interaction.
    * Stealthed characters should no longer become visible if you move far away from them and then move towards them again.
    * The red balloons in the Vault should now weaponize properly.
    * Super canceling too early out of longer animating multi-hit weapon combos will now cause you to drop one or more of the attacks hits. 

    * Damage Role buffs now last for a maximum of three minutes.
    * Channeled abilities will no longer bypass the channeling time when used during another channeled attack.
    * Harmful Superpowers can no longer cancel into other Superpowers.
    * While in PvP, targeting a Tank with an offensive power while in the Healing role will now properly remove Ice damage absorption and reduce Fire specific healing capabilities.

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