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Sword of the Stars II - 26. Patch veröffentlicht

Sword of the Stars 2: The Lords of Winter (Strategie) von Paradox Interactive
Sword of the Stars 2: The Lords of Winter (Strategie) von Paradox Interactive - Bildquelle: Paradox Interactive
Auch nach dem Eingeständnis, dass die verfrühte und unfertige Veröffentlichung von Sword of the Stars II ein "großer Fehler" war (wir berichteten), geht die Patch-Serie für das Weltraum-Strategiespiel weiter. Der mittlerweile 26. Patch wird automatisch via Steam verteilt und behebt eine ganze Reihe an Bugs, Fehlern und Absturzursachen.

Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed a combat memory leak.
+ Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking the research cube on the star map.
+ Fixed a crash that would occur in the research screen when the slider was set all the way to government.
+ Torpedoes now apply damage to planets.
+ Fixed a bug that caused battleriders to crash the design tooltip.
+ Fixed a crash that could occur when requesting enclaves.

Other Fixes:
+ Fixed missing Bio-missile art for Morrigi.
+ Fixed a couple Human, Hiver and Morrigi DLC art issues.
+ Fixed the problem with some carriers not being able to rotate while riders were docked.
+ Fixed an issue with riders taking too long to dock.
+ Fixed a couple issues that were leading to phantom fleets, related to deployed gates and defense fleets.
+ Carriers can now carry other carriers.
+ Fixed an issue where loaded games could mix up player ID's.
+ Fixed known issues with Kingfisher.
+ Fixed issues where ships were not targeting stations correctly in combat.
+ Fixed an issue where destroying the mission section on the ship would kill all crew onboard.
+ Fixed an issue with Game Setup options resetting when switching maps.
+ Fixed issues with combat AI splitting targets.
+ Fixed issues where bio-missiles were not launching.
+ Added missing bonus for Expert Systems.
+ Added missing bonus for Orbital Drydocks.
+ Added missing bonus for Heavy Platforms.
+ Corrected bonus for Materials Applications.
+ Fixed a bug that was causing designs to return incorrect attributes once they had been committed.
+ Fixed a bug that was reporting the build times for ships with naval stations incorrectly.
+ Removed duplicate "destination" text from fleet lists.
+ Made a change to address the concern that missiles would continue to move after combat had ended.
+ Battle riders are now silent while docked.
+ Fixed known issues where tracking weapons would fail to hit ship targets after their sections were destroyed.
+ Turrets no longer fire missiles after the crew are killed.
+ Fixed an issue where assault shuttles would not return to tender.
+ Fixed combat AI not launching battle riders.
+ Fixed the decimal place in reported post-combat damage.
+ Fixed issue where ships would not point off the horizontal combat plane to aim.
+ Fixed an issue where the AI was making poor/mixed weapon decisions when designing ships.
+ Fixed an issue where a colonization was available for targets with known enemy colonies.
+ Fixed a handful of sounds that did not have attenuation set and were therefore audible from everywhere in combat.
+ Fixed known issues where the Hiver gate traffic was not being updated correctly.
+ Fixed known issues where Liir were no longer being slowed in proximity to gravity wells.
+ Addressed handful of engine types that could be heard constantly regardless of distance from camera.
+ Addressed variety of standard turrets that weren't able to target straight up.

Other Changes and Additions:
+ Psionics can now be researched, designed into ships and activated in the game.
+ It is now possible to repair riders in the repair dialog.
+ Added antialiasing to many parts of the game. 3D scenes now use FXAA antialiasing by default, which can be disabled in the launcher if desired.
+ Reduced fleet icon click radius on the star map.
+ Biomissile and other super-class weapons are now reported in the post-combat dialog.
+ Added plague effects.
+ Increased pitch range of turrets across the board to make them more effective at PD off the combat plane.
+ Sensor range discs now have clearly defined boundaries in combat.
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