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Test: Jagged Alliance: Back in Action
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Jagged Alliance: Back in Action
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Jagged Alliance: Back in Action - Zwei Patches stehen bereit

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action (Strategie) von bitComposer Games und Kalypso Media
Jagged Alliance: Back in Action (Strategie) von bitComposer Games und Kalypso Media - Bildquelle: bitComposer Games und Kalypso Media
Für Jagged Alliance: Back in Action (zum Test) stehen zwei Patches via Steam zum Download bereit. Nach der Installation sollte sich das stellenweise sehr merkwürdige Verhalten der Computergegner verbessern und auch Granaten sollten etwas zügiger detonieren.

- Fixed AI not being able to target player that was prone within a certain range
- Improved Camerarange

- Express option at Bobby Ray does not indicate the delivery taking 24 hours anymore (changed for English, German)
- Small typos fixed in tutorial (English, German)
- Czech updated

Camera / Visuals:
- Tweaked Camera distance and angle to be less restrictive
- Some minor tweaks on the sight cone calculation to improve performance

- Increased video memory reserved for ground texture baking to reduce texture popping in with camera max / min distance
- File system load order fixed
- Fixed autopause options not being saved globally

Save & Load:
- Game checks if game files have been modified and saves modification flag in savegames
- open doors are fully open after loading

- Wounds and overload do now reduce movement speed of world squads
- Fixed bug where locations would be invisible after combat

- Added cursor changes on portrait when trade/repair/heal action is activated
- explosive spots can now be accessed from both sides of the wall
- item swapping in lootscreen added
- i-key toggles inventory
- inventory shows all squad members in tutorial
- selecting player of different squad changes UI in pause mode correctly
- access to former global inventory removed
- Plants and some other materials are ignored by the context cursor

Combat / Plan & Go:
- preview and actual position of mercs now fits 100%, thus allowing all shots if they would hit while planing
- Tweaked explosion times for grenades to be shorter
- Emmisions of grenades prevent combat reset
- Roofs are revealed if enemies below them attack player
- Tweaked weapons RPM so it’s more consistent throughout different weapon types

AI fixes:
- fixed: change in combat position caused bug in AI attacking behavior - they changed stances very often instead of firing
- fixed: change in melee attack caused AI to remain in present stance even if they do an emergency melee defense
- human player enemy detection events should fire correctly again
- building defenders that are inside a building didn't rush at snipers. now they should do it if the sniper has LoS on them.
- after enemy contact, AI with medi-equipment all started to heal each other instantly. this is randomized now.
- Fixed: enemies planned their paths through tanks, ending up walking against the tank.
Quelle: bitComposer Games


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