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Jagged Alliance: Back in Action
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Jagged Alliance: Back in Action - Shades of Red (DLC)

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action (Strategie) von bitComposer Games und Kalypso Media
Jagged Alliance: Back in Action (Strategie) von bitComposer Games und Kalypso Media - Bildquelle: bitComposer Games und Kalypso Media
Für Jagged Alliance: Back in Action steht mit "Shades of Red" eine Download-Erweiterung für 3,99 Euro bei Steam zum Kauf bereit. "Shades of Red" ist eine neue Mission mit vorgegebener Söldneranzahl, die auf dem Jagged Alliance-Roman 'Shades of Red' von I.M. Wong basiert. Die DLC-Erweiterung ist sowohl mit als auch ohne Taktikmodus spielbar, soll "über eine Stunde lang" sein und dabei die Hintergrundgeschichte von drei Charakteren vertiefen.

"The threat of a nuclear disaster has never been greater! The nefarious terrorist Ante Silevic has captured an atomic weapon and plans to attack a meeting of the world leaders in Eastern Europe. Three hardened mercenaries are our only hope to save the world from total chaos. Ivan Dolvic, Kyle 'Shadow' Simmons and Cynthia 'Fox' Guzzman must infiltrate the enemy base deep in the woods and put a stop to his activities. But in an unfortunate turn of events, Fox is captured by Silevic's henchmen before the mission even starts. Can you manage to free Fox, complete the mission and save the world?"

Darüber hinaus ist in den letzten Tagen das kleine Update 1.13a veröffentlicht worden:
-Added DLC support, DLC can be accessed via main menu
-Savegames crated on DLC maps are marked in the loading menu
-Fixed ammo for Grenade Launcher not displayed as 40mm
-Fixed crash upon deleting all mails
-Fixed exploit that allowed to duplicate items and could result in crashes
-Fixed right click allowing to move items from sector inventory when it was inaccessible
-Fixed cone preview displayed on turning in plan & go vanishing when the stance is changed after the turning action
-Fixed mouse cursor vanishing when scrolling by moving the cursor to the border of the screen in fullscreen mode while pressing ALT or WASD
-Fixed building attacker AI with melee weapon stopping when attacked from afar
-Fixed mercs and militia not dropping correctly from ladders when dying while still climbing
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Jagged Alliance: Back in Action
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