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Alias: Darksiders II
Test: Darksiders 2
Test: Darksiders 2
Test: Darksiders 2
Test: Darksiders 2
Test: Darksiders 2
Test: Darksiders 2
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Darksiders 2
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Darksiders II - Zweiter Konsolen-Patch unterwegs

Darksiders 2 (Action) von THQ / Nordic Games
Darksiders 2 (Action) von THQ / Nordic Games - Bildquelle: THQ / Nordic Games
Der zweite Konsolen-Patch für Darksiders II soll kurz vor der Veröffentlichung stehen, dies gab der Community Manager im offiziellen Forum bekannt. Das Update soll hauptsächlich Bugs und "Story-Blocker" aus der Welt schaffen. Die Entwickler hoffen, dass Spieler, die aktuell feststecken bzw. nicht mehr weiterkommen, nach dem Update weiterspielen können - stellenweise kann es aber erforderlich sein, ein neues Spiel zu starten. Wann genau der Patch erscheinen soll, ist noch unklar - auch Details zum PC-Update fehlen.

"Just as an update a few of the issues that have been addressed within this patch may require users to begin a fresh game if they are still stuck. The patch will resolve your current issue and stop it from happening again but in some rare cases it may not allow you to continue/ progress. We understand this is not a desirable outcome and anticipate it only being the case in a few isolated incidents."

Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Patch #2 Details
Bug Fixes:
  • The Undead Scarabs will no longer continue to spawn without end when Death continues to enter and exit the room with the circular platform covered in corruption in the BlackStone.
  • You will no longer fall out of the world in boss fights within Argul's Tomb
  • A few bugs that would cause a crash within the UI have been resolved.
  • The Wailing Host will enjoy Jesper Kyd’s scores of music for the entire duration of the fight.
  • Shoving the construct ball will no longer cause it to disappear when it hits a wall after rolling it through the Skeleton Key door in the room with the second Heartstone in the Foundry.
  • Within the Psychameron failing the 3 switch puzzle multiple times will no longer penalize you with it not working properly.
  • Your construct will no longer get stuck after properly pulling off combo’s on enemies near the edge of bridges within the Foundry.
  • You will now properly be able to run the cutscene when returning to Earth with the Rod of Arafel in Lostlight.
  • On Earth we fixed multiple barriers within the world and they will now properly activate and deactivate based on your quest progression.
  • You should properly get credit for saving the Angels on Earth regardless if you turned off the game during the save sequence.
  • Your Armblade attack will no longer one shot Samael while he is relaxing on his throne.
  • Death should now properly receive the Soul Splitter in the Spine.
  • Unstoppable and Aegis Guard cool down will now properly trigger when saving and reloading.
  • While in Reaper form the construct balls will no longer get stuck in midair.
  • Karn will now pick up the 2nd heartstone even if you leave the room to quickly within The Foundry
  • Within the Scar we fixed issues where the crystal was not restored if it was saved as being destroyed and progression issues around only one crystal being destroyed.
  • The Lilith cutscene will now allow you to continue without freezing.
  • In the Gilded Arena the third rotating statue will no longer stop functioning as intended if you Fast Travel away from it.
  • You will now get proper credit for killing all the bloodless.
  • You should now receive the appropriate tarot cards if you have qualified for them.
  • The gate will no longer stay up if you die during the Wailing Host boss fight in the City of the Dead.
  • The main quest 'The Lord of Bones' will now properly appear after the Tree of Life cinematic.
  • Death will be able to properly progress in the Psychameron.
  • The Gate will now drop properly after defeating Stalker/Prowler gauntlet in The Lost Temple.
  • Death will now spawn on the proper side of the lava after the 2 Rotary Switch puzzle in The Scar when you die.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes and game stability improvements have been applied.

Quelle: THQ, Vigil Games
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