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Test: Wasteland 2
Test: Wasteland 2
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Wasteland 2 - Dritter Patch bringt Steam-Achievements und Veteranen-Charaktere

Wasteland 2 (Rollenspiel) von inXile Entertainment / Deep Silver
Wasteland 2 (Rollenspiel) von inXile Entertainment / Deep Silver - Bildquelle: inXile Entertainment / Deep Silver
Für Wasteland 2 steht das dritte Update bereit. Der bisher größte Patch für das Spiel fügt Steam-Achievements sowie einen Modus für Farbenblinde hinzu und behebt zahlreiche Bugs und Probleme, vor allem in Kalifornien. Außerdem werden die Charaktere nach dem Beenden des Spiels automatisch als Veteranen exportiert und stehen im Rahmen der Charaktererstellung für ein zweites Abenteuer zur Verfügung (Change-Log).

  • Added Steam Achievements! Collect them all, if you dare. These are currently only in for Windows. Steam Achievements should be backwards compatible for many (but not all) save files, so players will receive achievements automatically by loading up their save files.
  • Added and improved epilogue text to fix bugs and add more details that were previously missing.
  • Added colorblind mode! Activate it in the Display Options menu. This mode changes certain HUD element colors, primarily in combat, to be easier to discern for people with colorblindness.
  • Added a new brightness/saturation calibration screen to get the game looking as good as it should on a display near you.
  • Characters are now automatically exported at the end of the game. Veteran characters will now be noted as such in character creation.
  • Further improvements to Text Size setting so it now affects much more text across the interface. This will help out players who are visually impaired, or who play on high-DPI displays, or TVs.
  • Added an option to show/hide selection circles on the party, for those who would prefer them off.
  • Continued cleanup of bugs and issues, especially in California.

  • Characters are now automatically exported at the end of the game. Veteran characters will now be noted as such in character creation. This lets you reuse them in new games.
  • Changed name of SAW machine gun to Death Sifter.
  • Fixed leaving specific random encounters putting the party in the wrong location on the World Map.
  • It is no longer possible to drop items on the World Map.
  • Bug fix for rare circumstance where the combat grid doesn’t get close enough to a pickup item to loot it.
  • Greatly reduced the combat movement speed penalty for the Army Issue Backpack trinket to be more in line with the bonuses it provides.
  • "Shit" items are no longer labeled as junk to prevent players accidentally selling them when they’re needed for TNT Tan’s quest.
  • Zeolite and Cat Litter are now stackable.
  • Fixed Gary Wolfe having wrong ammo type.
  • Can no longer use Weaponsmithing on the Gold-Plated Derringer (stops player from stripping it for parts and locking them out of Jess-Belle’s quest).
  • LAW-wielding nuns now drop LAWs instead of RPG-7s.
  • Added better loot to the Angel Oracle armory.
  • Reduced the weight of Energy Cells by half.
  • Corrected the Leadership hit chance bonus.
  • Using a code to unlock an electronic lock should now give an XP reward relative to the task’s difficulty, so you are no longer discouraged from using a code if you have one.
  • Greatly increased amount of XP from killing Night Terror.
  • Increased value of Hoblets’ Problem Solver.
  • It should no longer be possible to dismiss unconscious CNPCs when asking another CNPC to join.
  • Increased weight of .50 cal ammo.
  • Arizona World Map: Upped random encounter merchant chance from 5% to 25%.
  • Fixed removing followers with script not removing status effects properly.
  • Provost should no longer hate you in California if he hated you in Arizona. He should also be keeping track of his death flag now, which before he was not.

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Koarl schrieb am
stürzt immer noch jedesmal in Rhodia ab :wink:
Veldrin schrieb am
@das Biebo
Danke dir. Dann werd ichs mir mal anschauen, wenn ich endlich legend of grimrock durchhabe.
Das Biebo schrieb am
Meiner Meinung nach ist es vom Humor her sogar besser als die ersten beiden Fallout Teile.
Veldrin schrieb am
Smer-Gol hat geschrieben:
JCD hat geschrieben: für die von euch, die es haben, kommt fallout 1 und 2 feeling auf?
Einfache Anwort: Ja
Allerdings stößt es die alten Spiele nicht vom Thron. Es tut aber richtig gut nach all den Jahren wieder mal so etwas zu spielen.
Inklusive speziellen Humors?
Das Biebo schrieb am
New Game+ ist immer gut für den Wiederspielwert. Auch wenn ein RPG dieses Kalibers das eigentlicht nicht nötig hätte.
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