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Entwickler: Codemasters
Test: F1 2012
Test: F1 2012
Test: F1 2012
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F1 2012
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F1 2012 - Elfter und wohl letzter PC-Patch

F1 2012 (Rennspiel) von Codemasters / Namco Bandai
F1 2012 (Rennspiel) von Codemasters / Namco Bandai - Bildquelle: Codemasters / Namco Bandai
Via Steam ist elfte Patch für die PC-Version von F1 2012 veröffentlicht worden. Die Updates für die Konsolenversionen sollen etwas später folgen, da sie sich noch in der Testphase befinden würden.

Darüber hinaus schreibt der Community Manager von Codemasters noch, dass dieser elfte Patch höchstwahrscheinlich die letzte Spielaktualisierung für den PC sei. F1 2012 erschien am 21. September 2012.

This update addresses the following issues:
  • Made an improvement to the AI under braking that will stop them from crashing in to the back of the player so frequently.
  • Deactivated the run_on_cpu option which was added with the last patch. The feedback given did not indicate that this improved the framerate for anybody.
  • Fixed two issues when using the Logitech Wingman Formula Force GP Wheel.
  • The default Logitech control profile is always selected after player attempts to customise the controls with this wheel.
  • Placeholder graphic shown for View Replay button icon when using a Logitech Wingman Formula Force GP Wheel as no button/key is assigned to View Replay.

Work Arounds:
  • If you're getting a stuttering during gameplay please try turning your Anti Aliasing setting down.
  • If you have the incorrect race distance in season two issue please try.
    1) From the Main Menu select Career -> Career -> Settings -> Race Settings.
    2) Back out (you don’t need to change anything) and scroll back to the Main Hub.
    3) You can now continue your play through as normal.

"The fixes listed above and those specific to the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game are also being tested and verified on those platforms. As these versions require additional submission and authorisation from both Microsoft and Sony the release date for these will follow a little later than the PC version."

"We are working on other issues you have reported via the forums, Facebook and Twitter and are working to fix them as quickly as possible.  In the meantime, please note that we are still collecting feedback via our Technical Assistance forums and do encourage you to post your issues there being sure to include as much information as possible. "

Quelle: Codemasters
F1 2012
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Pyoro-2 schrieb am
Vor allem sind diese Workarounds immer genial. Frag mich echt, was die Programmierer gesoffen ham', um solche bugs einzubauen ^^
Jointorino schrieb am
Das ist doch der Trick an der Sache, ohne eine zwölfte Aktualisierung fällt der Übergang auf einen Vollpreispatch weniger auf ;)
aber 11 Stück in 1,5 Monaten finde ich schon äußerst bezeichnend.
DextersKomplize schrieb am
Das die beim 11. Patch stehen bleiben verwundert mich doch arg.
Ich dachte Patch 12 kommt noch und Patch 13 heisst dann einfach F1 2013?
Seltsam ...
schrieb am