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Test: Lords of the Fallen
Test: Lords of the Fallen
Test: Lords of the Fallen
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Lords of the Fallen
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Lords of the Fallen - Dritter Patch für die PC-Version

Lords of the Fallen (Rollenspiel) von CI Games / Koch Media
Lords of the Fallen (Rollenspiel) von CI Games / Koch Media - Bildquelle: CI Games / Koch Media
Für die PC-Version von Lords of the Fallen steht der mittlerweile dritte Patch via Steam zur Verfügung. Es fügt zusätzliche Einstellungsmöglichkeiten hinzu (X-Achse invertieren, "Chromatic Abberation"), behebt einige technische Fehler und schafft mehrere "Game-Design-Macken" aus der Welt.

The following features have been added to the game:
  • Separate Chromatic Abberation setting (Post Chromashift)
  • Invert X-axis option
  • Toggle target switching after killing an enemy option
  • A warning message when the user enables very high resolution textures (performance and stability issues)

List of fixed technical issues:
  • Damage value displayed in the inventory when a non-physical weapon is equipped
  • Sudden contrast changes at the outdoor areas
  • Missing cursor when displaying message boxes in the game
  • The splash screens timings that were incorrect on some machines
  • Scaling for weapons with an attribute requirement lower than 10
  • First tutorial issue with message box not popping up
  • Chinese localization issue

List of fixed game design issues:
  • Planetarium issue where you could get stuck if you died and killed a foe simultaneously
  • Improved the catacombs pit issue fix- if a player is stuck down there, he will get teleported
  • Boss extro cutscenes that were triggered when the player and the boss died simultaneously
  • Incorrect respawn position after death if the player skipped the tutorial
  • Improved targeting when using Right Stick/button wheel
  • Rune of Adyr' issue; The rune has been removed from the inventory when starting NG+
  • Player position when approaching the first tutorial foe
  • The Crippled Rhogar quest issues; The NPC will now offer the mission even after the player has rejected his initial offer; The NPC will now correctly accept humans skulls in his initial conversation with the player
  • The crippled Rhogar voice-over after its death
  • Gate leading to Commander arena; Yetka will no longer close the gate if the enemies are not on the arena
  • The issue concerning the final boss falling through the floor
  • The random death after respawn during the final boss encounter
  • The Guardian boss weapon issue
  • The issue with the key to the Gardens being dropped too early
  • Model of portal leading to the Hand of God was changed
  • Chest in the First Warden arena was removed
  • Curse weapon issue; The weapon no longer grants additional luck attribute points
  • Exp multiplier; The multiplier now resets after either saving progress or banking exp. Please note that you can save the game without losing the multiplier by holding Left Stick/Shift while using the shard (health& health potions will not be refilled then)

"If you are having problems with the in-game settings working incorrectly after the patch please delete the settings.ini file from Lords of the Fallen folder in Documents (this will reset all the settings to default)."

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Lords of the Fallen
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PanzerGrenadiere schrieb am
Exp multiplier; The multiplier now resets after either saving progress or banking exp.
8O was soll das denn?
casanoffi schrieb am
Aaaaah, verstehe.
Na, da bin ich mal gespannt, ob ich da was gegen das Flimmern unternehmen kann...
casanoffi schrieb am
Separate Chromatic Abberation setting (Post Chromashift)
Was is des?
Was mich bisher am meisten stört, ist dieses permanente Kantengeflimmer, das überall auftritt.
Gerade in den dunklen Arealen fällt es verstärkt auf.
Durch die Deaktivierung von Post-Processing hat es sich etwas gebessert, aber trotdzem lässt es sich kaum ignorieren...
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