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Stonehearth: Alpha-16-Update überarbeitet das Kampfsystem

Stonehearth (Strategie) von
Stonehearth (Strategie) von - Bildquelle: Radiant Entertainment
Für die Early-Access-Version von Stonehearth ist das Alpha-16-Update veröffentlicht worden. Das Update dreht sich hauptsächlich um das Kampfsystem und fügt drei neue Klassen hinzu: Bogenschütze (Fernkampf), Ritter (Tank) und Kleriker (Unterstützung). Neu sind ebenfalls Orcs, Oger und Kobolde als Gegner sowie ein "Hard-Mode" (höherer Schwierigkeitsgrad) beim Spielstart. Auch den Renderer wollen die Entwickler verbessert haben (Change-Log).

"Introducing the Archer, the Knight, and the Cleric. Together with your existing Footmen, these form a formidable fighting force. The Knight is the tank, drawing enemy aggro and soaking damage. The Archer takes the ranged role; fragile in melee but able to do big damage from a distance. High level footmen focus on doing massive damage (DPS, or damage per second) to enemies. The Cleric, while capable of hand-to-hand battling, is really in a support role - casting directed healing spells and emitting a constant healing aura for nearby allies. With all this new, beefy hearthling firepower on your side, you may be feeling pretty smug about taking down those annoying goblins, golems, entlings, and other beasties that have to date plagued your settlement."

Hard Mode.
At the start of the game, decide if you want a peaceful game, a normal game, or to face off against dramatically more dangerous foes. Moar New Things! This release of Alpha 16 also sports other improvements and bug fixes too numerous to list here. But of particular note:
  • Upgraded the renderer: improved performance on complex scenes with lots of entities, as well as improved performance with large numbers of lights and shadows.
  • The “loot” command can now be found in the harvest menu. (Was formerly in the combat menu.)

And additional building improvements:
  • You can now move around placed decorations and windows/doors on a building blueprint. (YES!)
  • Fixed fixture_fabricator error when removing templates.
  • Fixed the ui occasionally not coming up on startup.
  • Fixed error where walls could not be grown on 1-high slab.
  • Fixed error where fixtures are placed in an incomplete building on load.

Known Issues
  • If you're loading a save from a previous Alpha, you may receive an error message that the basic shield does not exist. You can ignore this safely.
  • If you're loading a save from a previous Alpha, and your Footmen were already equipped with steel armor, they will continue to wear it (though in new games, Footmen cannot equip this heavy armor). It's a loophole. Enjoy it.

And a host of bug fixes!
  • Food now appears only in one stockpile filter
  • Clean up some unused buffs
  • XP distribution fixes: xp goes to combat units around an enemy, around the attacker, and anyone who was targeting the enemy
  • Fix for thread being counted as cloth
  • Acceptable job icons no longer float over overlaying screens
  • Fix for mining adjacent bugs
  • Tuning net worth on various items
  • Some more pathing improvements (hearthlings won't zig zag around as much)
  • Better cleanup when releasing objects in memory
  • Now you can spawn an effect on an entity from the console
  • Fix health inconsistencies b/w hearthlings and mobs
  • Health is now tracked as an expendable resource
  • Better cleanup of notification views
  • Remove NPC knight and combat basic buffs, moved numbers to monster tuning files to increase transparency in designing NPCs
  • Remove orphaned building structures for better memory cleanup
  • Make sure grow walls doesn't happen more than once for a given location
  • Tweaks to bone axes
  • Fix spaces and spelling in select game story. Because spelling counts
  • Tons of tweaks to monsters and monster tuning
  • Month and date added to clock widget
  • Vision in combat is now symmetric
  • Sheep jerky is now deprecated
  • Tweaks to weapons
  • Fix a bug where well-to-do towns weren't getting raids
  • Fixed attack leash bugs
  • Add leashes when holding ground; defense command should keep people close to the banner
  • Fixed units not participating in party commands when the party formation is blocked by obstacles
  • Fixed units not engaging at a defense banner until attacked
  • Fixed AI errors in ranged combat
  • Fixed errors when demoting a crafter
  • More combat and encounter tuning
  • Tune net worth (buildings are now worth more, non-food items worth less)
  • Fix citizen count staying at 1 after all hearthlings have died
  • Fix new game settlement banner being able to be placed on trees and rocks
  • Fix error when looking for combat targets
  • Fix a case of rapid target switching if a defense banner is used
  • More encounter tuning
  • Fix bug where items in containers were not being placed
  • Fix bug during combat when choosing targets
  • Hearthlings now consider target health when prioritizing targets
  • Allow raiding parties to hang around longer
  • Raids on normal mode are now based on military strength to give players more time to recover from a hard beating
  • Fixed bug when distributing experience points
  • Fixed issues when merging new structures into a building
  • Fixed bug rendering shadows
  • Fixed level requirements for meat and veggie stew
  • Fixed categories for leather bolts and gongs
  • Tweaked sleeping schedules so hearthlings have a better opportunity to find a bed

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