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Stonehearth: Alpha-17-Update überarbeitet den Siedlungsbau

Stonehearth (Strategie) von
Stonehearth (Strategie) von - Bildquelle: Radiant Entertainment
Für die Early-Access-Version von Stonehearth ist das Alpha-17-Update veröffentlicht worden (Change-Log). Das Update verbessert hauptsächlich den Siedlungsbau und nimmt zahlreiche Veränderungen am Bausystem vor. Auch Treppen können fortan im Haus-Editor platziert werden. Zudem kann der Schmied zum Ingenieur aufgewertet werden. Mit dem nächsten Update (Alpha 18) sollen die Verbesserungen des Bausystems fortgesetzt werden.

"Building improvements include (but are not limited to):
  • When building is complete, display a congratulatory message instead of an empty materials needed box. Do not display the build 'Pause' button when building is complete.
  • Fix issue with breaking up large floors that lead to unbuildable buildings.
  • First step in building template UI update. Default building templates and custom templates are displayed under different tabs in the Building Editor UI. Kingdom-specific templates are listed separately.
  • Bed ownership! Beds can now be assigned to individual hearthlings.
  • Added stairs tool to Building Editor
  • A huge number of scaffolding fixes and improvements! Scaffolding now understands when its structure has completed. Fix a bug with shared scaffolding. Don’t place scaffolding in places that will be blocked. And more...
  • Have town keep track of buildings that are stuck because their materials do not exist in the world.
  • Correctly merge walls with nearby buildings.
  • When the 'Build' command is given, find all the fixtures needed for the building and add items needed to the relevant crafter queues. Add gameplay setting to enable or disable building auto queue; default is on.
  • Disable remove and edit buttons when a building has started construction
  • New ahead-of-time scaffolding system: Hearthlings now think hard about scaffolding before they start building, resulting in fewer unbuildable structures. Will not work for buildings that are already in-progress.
  • You can now change colors of already placed floor, foundation, and roads in Building Editor
  • Added Ctrl+z as a hotkey for Undo in the Building Editor
  • Erase tool has been moved to under the Undo tool in Building Editor
  • Better implementation of finding another block to teardown. Teardown will now be faster and hearthlings will drop resources at their feet instead of putting it back into storage while tearing down

We've also made refinements in other important areas. We're continuing to polish and improve combat and party behavior, especially around the placing and removal of defense banners. Plus, combat parties now patrol together in formation! Additionally, pathfinding can now handle large numbers of destinations without bogging down the CPU."

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