The Long Dark: Early-Access-Update mit neuer Region und vielen Verbesserungen - Das Spielemagazin. Kritisch. Ehrlich. Aktuell. Das Spielemagazin. Kritisch. Ehrlich. Aktuell.
Entwickler: Hinterland Studio
Test: The Long Dark
Test: The Long Dark
Test: The Long Dark

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The Long Dark: Early-Access-Update mit neuer Region und vielen Verbesserungen

The Long Dark (Simulation) von Hinterland Studio
The Long Dark (Simulation) von Hinterland Studio - Bildquelle: Hinterland Studio
Für die Early-Access-Version von The Long Dark steht das Sandbox-Update "Desolation Point" (v264) zur Verfügung (PC: ca. 1 GB). Nach dem Update lassen sich Gegenstände an jedem validen Ort der Spielumgebung platzieren - anstatt sie bloß auf den Boden fallen zu lassen. Neu ist ebenfalls die Möglichkeit zum Schmieden von Metall. Überarbeitet wurden zudem das Wettersystem und die Benutzeroberfläche (Survival Panel). Fortan gibt es fünf Sandbox-Game-Slots - jeweils mit nur einem Speicherstand. Die größte Neuerung ist allerdings die Region "Desolation Point" (industrieller Stil im Vergleich zur Wildnis), die hinter dem "Coastal Highway" (Commuter's Lament) liegt.

Letztes aktuelles Video: Desolation Point Update Sept 2015

  • Added new region, Desolation Point.
  • Added new item placement system.
  • Added Forging gameplay.
  • Added new Tools: Hammer, Improvised Knife, Improvised Hatchet.
  • Added new Fuel type: Coal
  • Added new location discovered on-screen text.
  • Replaced all HUD text with icons.
  • Updated Survival Panel with new Status screen.
  • Updated Weather system, both visuals and to introduce weather patterns.
  • Updated Wind system and wind sounds. Wind now changes based on altitude, location, temperature, and time of day.
  • Added new Gear Sound system. You can hear certain gear sounds when moving through the world, if you have certain items in inventory.
  • Added wider support for gamepads on PC/Mac.

  • Fixed issue with only rolling for food poisoning when partially eating an item
  • Fixed brightness issues on Mac; lighting conditions now match PC
  • Sort and Filter buttons shift to the active inventory or container section of the UI
  • Players can now drink water directly from Inspection mode
  • Light torch UI only shows fire option after clicking on a burning fire
  • Fixed issue where players could not fill a container to 100% full
  • Fixed issue with books changing weight after being dropped
  • Struggle and Fire actions now use the Interact binding.
  • When rebinding movement actions to arrow keys, arrows can navigate menus
  • Fixed small delay after crafting an item where you can’t use the craft button
  • Fixed confusing wording in “condition too low” when trying to harvest a carcass
  • The game now saves when the player is woken up from sleep
  • Fixed torches so they emit heat
  • Fixed break down audio loop playing forever if break down is interrupted
  • Dropped and scattered items will only be randomly oriented/embedded if in snow
  • Only wake player up after fire dies out if player is freezing
  • Player will not receive torn clothing events if not wearing any clothes
  • Fixed AI issues with wolves after attacking player holding a flare
  • Fix crafting exploit (switching items while crafting in progress)
  • Fixed crafting issue that could sometimes require longer crafting time than necessary.
  • Fix for graphical glitch related to light shafts [Xbox One]
  • Modified struggle damage modifiers for various tools, and added modifiers for the new Improvised Knife, Improvised Hatchet, and Hammer
  • Reduced the Condition-cost to tools when using them to clear ice-fishing holes
  • You can now clear ice-fishing holes with Hammers and Prybars
  • Increased Prybar durability
  • Modified animal carcass harvesting times
  • Tool chests and Toolboxes are now more likely to have tools in them
  • Hammers can be used to break down crates, furniture, etc.

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