The Solus Project: Zweite Episode für die Early-Access-Version - Das Spielemagazin. Kritisch. Ehrlich. Aktuell. Das Spielemagazin. Kritisch. Ehrlich. Aktuell.
Entwickler: Teotl Studios
Publisher: Grip Digital
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Test: The Solus Project
Test: The Solus Project
Test: The Solus Project
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Test: The Solus Project
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The Solus Project: Zweite Episode für die Early-Access-Version

The Solus Project (Simulation) von Grip Digital
The Solus Project (Simulation) von Grip Digital - Bildquelle: Grip Digital
Die Early-Access-Version von The Solus Project ist mit der zweiten Episode erweitert worden (Größe: ca. 640 MB). Neben ersten Übersetzungen (auch Deutsch) und diversen Veränderungen am Spielfluss wird eine neue Insel mit einem großen Höhlensystem mit allerlei Geheimnissen und Überraschungen hinzugefügt, die drei bis fünf Stunden mehr Spielzeit mit sich bringen soll.

  • First versions of Russian, Spanish, French, and German are in
  • There are large fishes in the ocean, seaweed underwater and aurora borealis at night in the sky.
  • Inventory related crash on load save game fixed
  • Mouse sensitivity fixed
  • Yuri will build out more camp the longer you wait to reach island #2. Also insects he brought along from Earth/Prolus will hatch if you wait really long.
  • Can now set difficulty 0% and sprinting is toggle based now when using gamepad

Core Gameplay
  • Can now set difficulty to 0% to remove survival elements. You still need to sleep, and you can still die from falling or disasters.
  • Old voice line removed from eating food
  • Campfires no longer super fast if under a roof while it is raining outside
  • Ocean pushes you back harder
  • Incorrect calculation to US Fluid ounce in multiple occasions fixed
  • Screen notification points bit larger
  • Dry 15% faster if near heat source
  • When walking in rain you get wet a lot faster + having torch out in rain does not get you wet even faster now
  • Meteors less likely to hit you
  • PDA radio message screen does not stay up the entire time anymore during broadcasts
  • Can no longer cheat give yourself the required items to end the entire game
  • On gamepad sprinting is now toggle based instead of press and hold
  • Warm up 15% faster if too cold

Core Tech
  • Several audio samples are now brought down to 44khz and may possibly solve the Act screen crash
  • Fix for ocean being green if reflection updating is turned off in ini
  • PDA messages arriving little bit better on time
  • Visor on screen can now be hidden via game.ini file
  • Fix for inventory slot corrupting, possible fix for level transition crash and act screen crash.
  • Possible fix for crashing on loading save game
  • Loading screens can now be disabled by by Game.ini flag as a possible work around for those who crash during loading screens or experience long loads.

  • The longer it takes you to reach island 2 the more camp Yuri will have built
  • After 1 week on the planet earth insects will now hatch on the second island, brought there by you and having infected the eco system of the new planet
  • Special pod loading screen between intro and first level to keep you immersed.
  • Possible fix for teleporting past 2 moving stone blocks in Landing Caves
  • Few additional holes in levels fixed
  • Possible fix for pressure plates pushing items off on reload of game

  • Chance on aurora borealis appearing at night (super pretty when it happens)
  • Chance of having green algae in the sea at night
  • Chance of seeing large fish surfacing during sunsets and at night every day
  • Improved snow
  • There is now sea weed on ocean floors

  • Mouse sensitivity options fixed
  • More typos fixed and better choice of words here and there
  • Assigning of forward/backward/strafing keys in control menu further improved and bug fixed
  • Losing audio after having entered Episode end trigger fixed
  • Can now select first versions of French, German, Russian, Spanish. Thanks to our translators Denis Gribov (Russian), Gonzalo Martinez (Spanish), Oliver Loos, Daniel Stevens and "Mini Maus" (German), Christoffer Larssen (Danish), Harout Meguerditchian, Fran Basille, Martin Waszczuk and Julien (French). Translations are WIP and not everything everywhere is done or perfect yet.

  • VR main menu also allows use of enter and keyboard arrows
  • Can now enable a new option to split moving and looking to the left/right joysticks

Letztes aktuelles Video: Early Access Teil 2

Quelle: GRIP Digital und die Teotl Studios


superboss schrieb am
soll ne schöne und eigenwillige Mischung aus Adventure, walking simulator und Survival sein
Mirracle schrieb am
na dann geht's am Wochenende wieder weiter mit der Erkundung. Ich freue mich schon darauf! Hoffentlich sind viele neue Erlebnisse dabei! Ich will meine Erwartungen, aber nicht zu hoch schrauben! Ein ordentliches survival und crafting dieses erweitert wird, sollte schon drin sein. Für mich hat sich das Spiel jetzt schon gelohnt bei 13,49 Euro
schrieb am