This War of Mine: Update 1.2: Neuer Zufluchtsort, Charakter-Auswahl beim Spielstart und Co. -

Entwickler: 11 bit studios
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Test: This War of Mine
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This War of Mine
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This War of Mine - Update 1.2: Neuer Zufluchtsort, Charakter-Auswahl beim Spielstart und Co.

This War of Mine (Simulation) von
This War of Mine (Simulation) von - Bildquelle: 11 bit studios
Für This War of Mine steht das Update auf Version 1.2 bereit. Das Update fügt ein neues Gebäude als Zufluchtsort hinzu, in dem man starten kann. Außerdem ist es fortan möglich, die Charaktere der Gruppe beim Spielstart festzulegen - diese Option wird aber erst freigeschaltet, wenn man bereits einmal im Spiel unterwegs war. Ansonsten haben die Entwickler mehrere Bugs behoben, das Verhalten der Nicht-Spieler-Charaktere optimiert und einige Animationen sowie Orte verbessert.

The first big thing is a brand new shelter!
  • From now on, each time you begin your story, you'll have a chance to start in the new building.

The second new feature is the choice of the starting group of characters.
  • You will have bigger influence on shaping your story of civilians in war, making it more challenging or even giving it a totally new perspective. Please keep in mind that you have to play at least once to unlock this option.

Improvements and tweaks:
  • Some locations were enhanced
  • Some animations were improved
  • NPC behaviors were improved

Fixes and balancing:
  • Fixed screen resolution and refresh rate detection problem, which caused black screen and / or computer freeze on Windows
  • Fixed black screen issue on Linux and OSX 10.6.8
  • Improved game stability based on crashdumps sent by players
  • Fixed a bug with blocked container icons in the shelter
  • Fixed a bug with blocked access to crafting menu (icon disappearing or not responding)
  • Fixed a bug with the civilian becoming stuck in cover after being shot
  • Fixed a bug with wrong number of civilians in the shelter simultaneously
  • Extremely exhausted civilian will now lay on the floor instead of standing blocked after returning from scavenge
  • The civilian who went to help neighbours on the last day of the war will now have a proper description in the epilogue
  • Crafting cancel will return some of the resources now
  • Civilians or NPCs should no longer pass through closed doors during a fight
  • Eating Raw Food and Vegetables together is now equal to eating a cooked meal or canned food
  • Quality Rollups price was fixed

Quelle: 11 bit studios


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