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RollerCoaster Tycoon World
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RollerCoaster Tycoon World - Drittes Early-Access-Update überarbeitet Achterbahn-Physik und mehr

RollerCoaster Tycoon World (Simulation) von Atari, RCTO Productions
RollerCoaster Tycoon World (Simulation) von Atari, RCTO Productions - Bildquelle: Atari, RCTO Productions
Für die Early-Access-Version von RollerCoaster Tycoon World ist das dritte Update veröffentlicht worden. Die Entwickler wollen das Physik-System (für die Achterbahnen) grundlegend überarbeitet haben. Auch eine "Grease-Option" (weniger Reibung) wurde hinzugefügt. Darüber hinaus können die Achterbahnen farblich angepasst und ein Goldminen-Szenario im Freizeitpark errichtet werden. Wasseroberflächen sollen im Vergleich zur ersten Version nun die Umgebung in Echtzeit reflektieren. Mit dem nächsten Update soll vor allem die Computerintelligenz überarbeitet werden. An den Animationen der Besucher und dem Wegsystem wird ebenso gearbeitet.

Vergleich: Spiegelungen der Wasseroberfläche
Vergleich: Spiegelungen der Wasseroberfläche

  • Coasters: Added an RGB color chooser for tracks! *NOTE – this feature is still in Alpha and will be expanded and improved upon in the future.
  • Coasters: Grease your tracks option added to the coaster tool! Want to keep your coaster physics similar to what they were prior to this update? Simply check off the “Grease your Tracks” option in the coaster builder.
  • Content: Added spotlights to your Décor scenery. Cool new ways to light up your park and rides at night!
  • Content: Added new Western Gold Mine scenery to Centerpieces. This new scenery item is a beautiful big centerpiece that has mineshafts and tunnels through which you can run your coasters and paths!
  • Graphics: Added real-time reflections to water. The water now accurately and beautifully reflects the environment and objects around it.
  • UGC: Added a button/ranking system to In-Game Hubs. Players can now vote on their favorite UGC items via the in-game hubs. Those rankings will now be displayed in both the Steam Workshop and In-Game.

  • AI: Janitors and Mechanics are much more effective reducing overall urine/puke in the park.
  • Animations: Improved animation for children peeps on Helter Skelter and Hay Rides.
  • Animations: Improved animation for mechanics and medics.
  • Animations: Numerous general animation improvements.
  • Coasters:
    • Physics: Friction on coasters should now be much closer to real world values.
      • Note: This means you may need to tweak prior coaster designs to ensure they still run properly. If you want to ease the friction and physics simply check off the “Grease Your Tracks” option in the coaster builder.
      • Note 2: We are still working on Coaster Physics and Stats but we wanted to release this incremental update not only to show progress but also to ensure we are headed in the right direction. Please give us feedback!
    • Pre-Made Coasters: We have updated many of the pre-made coasters to make them work with the new physics. They now have the new friction system in mind, better stats, and also reflect higher levels of realism. This process however is still on-going.
    • Stats: Banking curves now reduces the lateral G’s generated further than before.
    • Stats: Coaster stats should be easier to keep below 12 intensity – watch your lateral G’s though!
  • Graphics: We have done our “First” pass on sci-fi textures. We are in the process of revamping all of the sci-fi textures to make them better and more realistic. Let us know what you think!
  • UGC: Manual Refresh Button added. We have added a manual refresh button to the in-game UGC tools to allow you to manually refresh your content.
  • UGC: Paging System Added. Just like on the Steam Workshop you now have the option to page through content in-game to make it easier to find improving the user experience.
  • UX/UI: Park expansion button moved into the main HUD so it’s more visible.


The team has been hard at work fixing bugs! Below is a partial list of some of the more notable ones. NOTE - There are additional fixes not included in this list.
  • Audio Sound of the game is audible even if the game is minimized by using Alt+Tab.
  • Audio Sounds of Peeps needing to go to the bathroom shouldn't be heard in rides
  • Buildings Building cannot be rotated while the grid is active
  • Buildings Building who cannot be attached to paths
  • Buildings Drop Zone - Previous and Next button of ride camera is not working for the ride Drop Zone.
  • Buildings Entry path gets detached when placing the restaurant building 'Log Cabin Restaurant' rotating 90 degrees.
  • Buildings Flat ride - Incomplete description is given in the preview window of the 'Pendulum' ride.
  • Buildings Spacewars flatride goes into ride cam when selecting it to build.
  • Buildings Tornado - Ride cars illuminate during day and night if user zooms in and out the camera.
  • Coasters A twisted track appears at the end of 'Specialty Pieces'.
  • Coasters An incorrect game tip regarding the Queue and Path lines is displayed after placing a coaster into the park.
  • Coasters Coaster builder segment mode get locked once you use freeform
  • Coasters Mechanism value not rounded when switching between chain lift speed and other mechanisms strength value.
  • Coasters Ride Sign' placed over the queue path attached to a completed coaster (Track loop closed) displays 'Testing' on the sign board, even though the coaster is closed.
  • Coasters Spinning coaster supports are detached from the coaster track.
  • Coasters Test Results & Ride Stats - Speed tab automatically gets selected even if the user has selected any other tab in the Test Results & Ride Stats.
  • Coasters The blue coaster node for 'Auto complete?' becomes un-intractable, if user slightly twists the last track node after completing the coaster track.
  • Coasters The red color appears on the track of the spinning coaster if user apply the mechanism 'Friction Break' to the tracks.
  • Coasters User is unable to close coaster editor toolbar by clicking on the cross button.
  • General Save Load not working.
  • General Camera stuck outside of the park while building a roller coaster with very low framerate.
  • General Campaign - Objective set #6 second objective cannot be completed stuck at 20%
  • General Incorrect game tip regarding Medic staff patrol time is observed on loading screen.
  • General Loading Screen - Game tips - Incorrect game tip regarding Mechanics petrol time is observed on loading screen.
  • General Sandbox flatland open does not work
  • General Save System - Terrain does not change from one instance to another
  • General Saved Games - Entrance path ghost is broken at first boot
  • General Scenario 1 boot at max speed en if the UI shows minimum speed
  • General Scenario work flow fix
  • Graphics Distant trees outside the park have wrong shader.
  • Graphics If the user proceeds into the map for the first time, a white patch appears on the 'Warning' message box near 'Ok' button.
  • Peeps Fix the teen peeps skins
  • Peeps Medics freeze on large paths.
  • Peeps Mechanics flickering at the building entrance
  • Peeps One of the female peep dressed in a orange dress appears to be sited on the ground rather on chair.
  • Peeps Peep get stuck at ride exits.
  • Peeps Peep thoughts are disappearing.
  • Peeps Peep will clip through the seat of the 'Wild Tycoon Wings'.
  • Peeps Peeps are not visible on flat rides or coasters.
  • Peeps Peeps clip with the car of the ride 'Zipper'.
  • Peeps Peeps never attempt to grab handles of the harness in 'Pendulum' ride.
  • Peeps Sometimes the medic staff gets stuck at one place in a walking animation.
  • Peeps Staff - Tool Box of mechanic clips with the body.
  • Peeps Staff can be seen sliding on path
  • Peeps Staff do not enter their buildings.
  • Peeps Stretching peeps can be seen everywhere
  • Peeps Texture issue with Peep
  • Peeps The way adults sit and children sit is not properly differentiating
  • UGC Some users cannot download UGC
  • UI/UX Cannot change game speed with mouse left clicking.
  • UI/UX Cannot select the park entrance on 2 maps.
  • UI/UX Finances - On hovering the cursor over the last tab of the Finances only Loans appears as the tooltip.
  • UI/UX Luminous Isle - Modify Terrain - 'Grass texture D' is displayed in the description of the paint theme 'Grass Texture A'.
  • UI/UX Objective tab is a bit out of the screen
  • UI/UX Objective text does not show up in Scenario 2.
  • UI/UX Theme icons for some of the fences overlaps with their preview images.

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Endgegner schrieb am
Es gibt kaum etwas zu sehen von Planet Coaster ? Das Spiel kannst Du bereits schon länger kaufen und spielen und es ist im Vergleich zu RCTW spielbar. RCTW ist einfach nur ein haufen verbugter Scheiss. Die Bewertungen bei Steam und diverse lets Plays sagen ja alles.
bwort schrieb am
Endgegner hat geschrieben:Update #3 von circa 100, wenn das mal ausreicht.
In 2 Jahren ist das Spiel vielleicht spielbar, aber ich geh davon aus das es vorzeitig eingestampft wird.
PlanetCoaster ist einfach ausgereifter und sieht um Längen besser aus.
So ein hochgradiger Mumpitz. Es gibt doch derzeit kaum was zu sehen von PC, wie kannst du da von ausgereifter sprechen. Was ist wenn PC nur anspruchslose Untehaltung mit schicker Grafik bieten wird ? Weißt du es?
Du hast RC wohl nicht gespielt im derzeitigen Stand.
Welche probs hat das Spiel den deiner Meinung nach die erst in zwei Jahren gelöst werden können ? Ich bin gespannt.
Todesglubsch schrieb am
casanoffi hat geschrieben:Es besteht noch Hoffnung - scheint so, als ob die Entwickler tatsächlich darum bemüht sind, Wort zu halten.
Um die Entwickler-Versprechen würde ich mir keine Sorgen machen. Über den Geldgeber schon eher...
Endgegner schrieb am
Update #3 von circa 100, wenn das mal ausreicht.
In 2 Jahren ist das Spiel vielleicht spielbar, aber ich geh davon aus das es vorzeitig eingestampft wird.
PlanetCoaster ist einfach ausgereifter und sieht um Längen besser aus.
casanoffi schrieb am
Es besteht noch Hoffnung - scheint so, als ob die Entwickler tatsächlich darum bemüht sind, Wort zu halten.
Wird mich zwar nicht von Frontier´s Planet Coaster abbringen, aber freut mich sehr für alle RCTWler :)
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