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RollerCoaster Tycoon World
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RollerCoaster Tycoon World: Sechstes Early-Access-Update verbessert die Skybox bzw. Darstellung des Himmels

RollerCoaster Tycoon World (Simulation) von Atari, RCTO Productions
RollerCoaster Tycoon World (Simulation) von Atari, RCTO Productions - Bildquelle: Atari, RCTO Productions
Für die Early-Access-Version von RollerCoaster Tycoon World ist das sechste Update veröffentlicht worden. Mit dem Patch wird u.a. eine neue Skybox (Darstellung des Himmels) hinzugefügt. Die Entwickler sprechen von signifikanten Verbesserungen der Grafik und der Farbdarstellung - vor allem beim Tag/Nacht-Wechsel. Hinzukommen drei Szenarien, KI- und Wegbau-Optimierungen sowie ein Bulldozer-Werkzeug, um mehrere Objekte auf einmal abzureißen (Alpha) zu können.

  • GRAPHICS: Incredible new Skydome added to the game! Enjoy the new sunrises and sunsets now available across all maps.
  • SCENARIOS: Three New Scenarios have been unlocked for you to try out! Check out all new Scenarios 4, 5, and 6!

  • BUILDINGS: Assets will only appear as a ghost if they have not fully loaded yet
  • GRAPHICS: Improved the textures on the "Golden Entrance"
  • PATHS: Further improvements to path deletion and placement
  • PATHS: Improved the UI for choosing between Curved and Straight Paths
  • PATHS: Removed the green highlight around already-placed paths
  • PEEPS: Improved the algorithm associated with Peeps choosing a ride based on novelty
  • PEEPS: Improved the logic and balance for peeps when choosing what coaster to ride
  • PEEPS: Improved the Park Rating system and resolved a number of bugs/balance issues
  • PEEPS: Peeps now trigger specific thoughts when in the "ill" state
  • PEEPS: Removed the increase cap for in-game marketing and resolved a number of bugs/balance issues
  • PERFORMANCE: First pass of optimizations on environment
  • PERFORMANCE: Further optimizations to flatrides
  • PERFORMANCE: Sunrays are now disabled when not visible by the user
  • PERFORMANCE: Terrain will now have tessellation according to camera height
  • PERFROMANCE: Improved the Global Illumination algorithm to improve performance
  • SCENARIOS: Number of balance and other tweaks to scenarios 1,2, and 3
  • UGC: Added a "Subscribed Items Filter" to the UGC manager in-game

This list contains features that are in-progress, have had a first pass at improvements, or are at an Alpha stage.
  • UI/UX: ALPHA FEATURE: Staff Heatmaps - You can now see all your staff in your park and what they are up to using heatmap view!
  • UI/UX: ALPHA FEATURE: Multi-Item Delete - You can now simply hover over or select multiple items to delete at once.

The Bugs below have all been fixed in this latest update. Note that this is a selection of all bug fixes from the full list.
  • BUILDINGS: Entrance and Exit nodes on coaster stations do not align
  • GRAPHICS: Graphic options can fail to update and save properly
  • GRAPHICS: Issue with the texture at the base of the Drop Zone ride
  • GRAPHICS: Leaves and branches of the Palm Tree disappear upon placing it when the camera is zoomed in
  • GRAPHICS: LOD problem with the Spacewars ride
  • GRAPHICS: Silly Swing and Barnyard Bash flatride LODs are not correct
  • GRAPHICS: There are a number of path texture bugs
  • PATHS: Player unable to add a path to a sloped path
  • PEEPS: Food & Drinks items purchased by any Peep does not update in purchased list under 'Purchases Page' of peep info window.
  • PEEPS: Food and Shops always display a popularity of 0.
  • PEEPS: Janitor only empty trash can when there is nothing else to do
  • PEEPS: Park Rating - 'Ride Quality' graph under the 'Park Rating' tab raise up to some level, just by placing a coaster station into the park.
  • PEEPS: Park staff flash outside their building if they cannot reach their destination.
  • PEEPS: Peep history is not recording consistently
  • PEEPS: Peep Nausea and Energy are being reduced to 0 and increased to 100 after standing up from bench
  • PEEPS: Peep remains highlighted after picking and dropping them.
  • PEEPS: Peeps do not use certain "unique" restaurants
  • PEEPS: Peeps get stuck between benches and path
  • PEEPS: Peeps scale to bigger size when sitting in the Observation Tower
  • PEEPS: Peeps’ happiness get raised to 100 if stuck on any building or ride exit tongue
  • PEEPS: There are a number of rotation and animation issues with peeps
  • PEEPS: When deleting a Ride peeps walks in the air to the nearest path instead of respawning
  • SCENARIOS: Wooden Coaster 1 fails to complete the cycle in Scenario 2
  • UGC: A white blank box will be left on the screen after downloading a blueprint
  • UGC: User must exit to the Main Menu and re-enter gameplay to use UGC that is enabled via the Social Hub.
  • UI/UX: Coaster station is shown as general even if it is a themed station
  • UI/UX: Current month under the 'Park operations' window fails to match with the running month at the bottom left of the tool bar UI.
  • UI/UX: Heatmaps become unresponsive when user selects ‘Theme Concentration’ over the rides and tries to bulldoze placed assets
  • UI/UX: Heatmaps can occasionally cause textures to fail
  • UI/UX: Mouse wheel rotation/elevation increments are slower at high mouse wheel scroll speeds
  • UI/UX: The close button on the ‘Test Tab’ fails to function
  • UI/UX: Unable to dismiss the welcome message when a user first launches the game

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