Cities: Skylines: Patch 1.4.0 steht bereit und erlaubt Anpassung des Geländes -

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Test: Cities: Skylines
Test: Cities: Skylines
Test: Cities: Skylines
Test: Cities: Skylines
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Cities: Skylines
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Cities: Skylines - Patch 1.4.0 steht bereit und erlaubt Anpassung des Geländes

Cities: Skylines (Strategie) von Paradox Interactive
Cities: Skylines (Strategie) von Paradox Interactive - Bildquelle: Paradox Interactive
Für Cities: Skylines ist der (kostenlose) Patch 1.4.0-f3 veröffentlicht worden. Das Update umfasst "Landscaping Tools" zur Anpassung des Geländes (z.B. Steigung und Glättung) mit unterschiedlichen Optionen sowie Flutmauern, Hafen-Kais und Kanäle. Abgesehen von einigen Bugfixes wurde auch das Menüsystem bzw. die Platzierung einiger Bauwerke und Zierelemente verändert.

  • Landscaping tools - Tools to edit terrain heights (Shift, Level, Smooth, Slopes), 3 brush sizes and 3 strengths are available in the option bar.
  • Paths - Paths were moved from Decorations to Landscaping Paths
  • Trees - Trees were moved from the Props Decorations group to Landscaping Trees
  • Rocks - Added rocks objects
  • Water Structures - contains Floodwalls, Quays and Canals

    • Decoration service renamed to Parks&Plazas
    • Parks - The Standard parks
    • Plazas - The Plazas style parks
    • Others parks - The parks which don't belong in the 2 categories above
    • Tourism & Leisure - After Dark DLC only, contains all the park assets from After Dark
    • Winter Parks - Snowfall DLC only, contains all the park assets from Snowfall and only shows if you are in a Winter map

      • New categories for Unique Buildings
      • The Environment panel of the Map editor now contains several terrain props such as ruined/abandoned buildings and rocks.
      • The roads, paths, tunnels and tracks now have a new button in the Option panel where you can select snapping and straight or curve type. The button has 3 states and can be used to cycle through 3 preset heights for the elevation step when using page up and page down.
      • New steam achievements implemented
      • Default maps updated with new environment props
      • Dam placement shows terrain topography

        • Blurry cliff textures improved
        • Fixed: Expansion 2: Text: SPA/FRE/RUS : In-Game: Line color will overlap the Line Name in the Public Transport - Lines detail window.
        • Fixed: PDX Accounts creation lacks countries (Montenegro added).
        • Fixed: Suggestion: Expansion 2: UI: The Lines Detail panel could be easier to access.
        • Fixed: Suggestion: Expansion 2: UI: The total number of transport lines could be added in the Lines Detail panel.
        • Fixed: Asset Editor: You can have two rows of Roads buttons at the same time
        • Fixed: Main Menu: Tools: Mouse wheel scroll does not work in the "map theme" selection screen. (Fixed also in theme selections.)
        • Fixed: Expansion 1: Design: The Prisoners and Cyclists statistics are displayed in the City Statistic even if the After Dark expansion has not been purchased.
        • Fixed: Expansion 2: Public Transport Lines can only be sorted in one direction
        • Fixed: Expansion: Design: Vehicles coming out of Cargo Hubs have incorrect path causing looping and traffic issues.
        • Fixed: Theme Editor: Changing the water normal for a theme does not get saved
        • Fixed: Faulty transition when connecting bicycle path to pavement path
        • Fixed: Expansion 2: Theme Editor: Grass color offset values doesn't get updated on the map immediately
        • Fixed: Expansion 2: It is difficult to understand the impact of Heating on the budget
        • Fixed: Expansion 2: Pathfinding: Sometimes, snow plows and road maintenance vehicles do not complete their work shift and disappear.

          • Fixed: Expansion 2: "Unsubscribe all" and "disable all" are missing a letter in 1600x900 resolution
          • Fixed: Keybinding strings under the Theme Editor tab are unlocalized
          • Fixed: Strings regarding themes in New Game and Load Game menus are unlocalized
          • Fixed: Text in Asset Editor tab of the Keymapping menu is cut-off in several languages
          • Fixed: Several entries in Keymapping Asset Editor are unlocalized
          • Fixed: Expansion 2: Snowfall map names in the New Game menu are unlocalized in Korean
          • Fixed: Expansion 2: Water & Sewage tooltip in Budget menu does not mention Heating.
          • Fixed: "Last updated" text overlaps button in several languages in the Content Manager
          • Fixed: The "Included in x styles" text does not get updated when switching language settings
          • Fixed: LOC: POL: The "Households" text in a district's Info Panel is overlapping with the Population graph.
          • Fixed: LOC: ALL: Map Editor: Import and Export Heightmap not localized.
          • Fixed: Expansion 2: Some of the new Snowfall props aren't localised in the Asset Editor
          • Fixed: Expansion 1: "2x3_Nightclub01" has wrong sort of names
          • Fixed: German language - 'Reset Configuration' button is inconsistent (big letters) with other buttons
          • Fixed: Gameplay option "dynamic weather" is translated wrong to German
          • Fixed: LOC: FRE/POR/RUS/POL/GER: Text: The warning message when changing resolutions is cut-off.
          • Fixed: Several non-winter maps in the New Games panel are not localised in any language except English
          • Modding: Added few serializers for some data types to go into CRPs (DepotAI.SpawnPoint, PropInfo.Effect, BuildingInfo.SubInfo, PropInfo.ParkingSpace, PropInfo.SpecialPlace)
          • Modding: Improved error handling for mods causing exceptions during the ILoading interface callbacks and consequently disabling other mods
          • Modding: Added profiling ability for custom content loading (using the --enabled-dev-ui toggle, Show loading profile and Show custom content)

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          Cities: Skylines
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