The Flame in the Flood: Early-Access-Update mit Bären, Schlangen und Quests - Das Spielemagazin. Kritisch. Ehrlich. Aktuell. Das Spielemagazin. Kritisch. Ehrlich. Aktuell.
Entwickler: The Molasses Flood
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Test: The Flame in the Flood
Test: The Flame in the Flood
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Keine Wertung vorhanden
Test: The Flame in the Flood
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The Flame in the Flood - Early-Access-Update mit Bären, Schlangen und Quests

The Flame in the Flood (Simulation) von The Molasses Flood / Curve Digital
The Flame in the Flood (Simulation) von The Molasses Flood / Curve Digital - Bildquelle: The Molasses Flood / Curve Digital
Für die Early-Access-Version von The Flame in the Flood ist das Inhaltsupdate 0.5.002 veröffentlicht worden (ca. 430 MB). Der postapokalyptische Überlebenstrip wird u.a. mit Bären und Schlangen erweitert. Außerdem findet man in der Welt fortan Quests und geheime Lager. Hinzu kommen neue Animationen, zusätzliche Inseln, Schnell-Zugrifftasten für bestimmte Gegenstände und allerlei Verbesserungen.

In dem Spiel von The Molasses Flood (u.a. ehemalige Mitarbeiter von Irrational Games, Harmonix und Bungie) geht es um ein Mädchen (Scout), das mit ihrem Hund durch die postapokalyptischen Vereinigen Staaten reist. Schauplatz ist eine große Flusslandschaft, die an die Everglades oder das Mississippi Delta erinnert. Scout ist mit ihrem selbstgebauten Floß auf dem Fluss unterwegs und reist von Insel zu Insel. Hauptziel ist Überleben. Dazu müssen Lebensmittel gesammelt, Feinde bekämpft, Durst gelöscht, Gesundheit bewahrt, Unterschlupf gesucht und natürlich das Floß gewartet werden. Ansonsten ist mit dem permanenten Ableben der Hauptfigur zu rechnen. Die auf der Unreal Engine 4 basierende Spielwelt wird prozedural generiert.

(NEW FEATURE) Loot Animation: loot boxes, cars, water pumps & wells
(NEW FEATURE) Quest Caches & quests
(NEW FEATURE) Additional explore islands
(NEW FEATURE) Backer location names integrated
(NEW FEATURE) Rare wolf variants
(NEW FEATURE) Story Quilts (text content still place holder)
(NEW FEATURE) Aesop's items automatically carry into a new game, unless explicitly disabled in options
(NEW FEATURE) Screen FX on fatal conditions
(NEW FEATURE) Traps now pop a warning when they are depleted and can no longer be collected
(NEW FEATURE) Updated affliction page so you can select your preferred cure if you have more than 1
(NEW FEATURE) Many new variants for explore locations
(NEW FEATURE) Improved trap placement with mouse & keyboard controls
(NEW FEATURE) Numerous additional bits of audio flair
(NEW FEATURE) Kneeling inventory state, for collecting things like water
(NEW FEATURE) Status orbs in UI now pulse when in dire shape
(NEW FEATURE) Fill Gas contextual menu item indicates current fill level
(NEW FEATURE) Added temp UI to indicate clothing warmth (retuning of warmth values still pending)
(NEW FEATURE) Quick deploy items from D-Pad: bow, smoke jar, tainted meat, and torch
(NEW FEATURE) Water collector on raft now shows % full
(NEW FEATURE) Added alert when an item spoils
(NEW FEATURE) Added "lifetime" information to inventory UI
(NEW FEATURE) Added ghost silhouette when player is obscured by geometry
(NEW FEATURE) Added scrim behind journal so details would be more legible
(NEW FEATURE) Added a number of new tutorial alerts for assorted systems

(TUNING CHANGE) Added steel knife and hammer as prerequisite for some recipes
(TUNING CHANGE) Bow & Arrow now require steel knife
(TUNING CHANGE) Changed spoil times for a number of items
(TUNING CHANGE) Increased stitching kit availability early game
(TUNING CHANGE) Increased moldy lump availability
(TUNING CHANGE) Pouch description indicates max # usable
(TUNING CHANGE) Reduced nuts & bolts cost of leather kit
(TUNING CHANGE) Reduced Small Town camp spawn frequency
(TUNING CHANGE) Increased rapids speed
(TUNING CHANGE) More aggressive temperature drops earlier on
(TUNING CHANGE) Increased briar count in wasteland
(TUNING CHANGE) Halved depletion rate of gas
(TUNING CHANGE) Reduced crafting time for braided cord

(BUG FIX) Jars lost when consuming from Aesop
(BUG FIX) Loot UI Could remain stuck open after looting a car
(BUG FIX) Sleep UI could appear on restoring a save game
(BUG FIX) Restoring a save game returns you to the correct position
(BUG FIX) Sleep UI on raft could become unresponsive
(BUG FIX) Mutliple affliction icons will no longer be removed when 1 is cured
(BUG FIX) Fixed offset on click to move destination target
(BUG FIX) Fires no longer block projectiles
(BUG FIX) Raft boosting no longer possible when collapsed
(BUG FIX) Resturctured main menu for incoming changes
(BUG FIX) Fixed Bow targeting FX
(BUG FIX) Many improvements to Quest panel functionality
(BUG FIX) Fixed some issues that could lead to river blocking
(BUG FIX) Opening crows now actual Ais that can drop feathers
(BUG FIX) Fixed a number of focus issues in crafting & quests
(BUG FIX) Box traps now get trampled if hit by a large AI
(BUG FIX) Improved black screen behavior at game start
(BUG FIX) Improved load flow at game start to reduce load times
(BUG FIX) Player will no longer become stunned by a smoke cloud after they have left it
(BUG FIX) Crafting Tools that are in your belt no longer show up in your list
(BUG FIX) Fires no longer burn indefinitely
(BUG FIX) Fixed issue where move-to locations fought with WASD/Controller input
(BUG FIX) Fixed issue with player getting stuck after dismissing a tutorial screen
(BUG FIX) Fixed issue where player could become stuck in inventory mode after placing a trap
(BUG FIX) Player can no longer use the bow while crawling
(BUG FIX) Fixed issue where move markers would show when clicking while at a fire
(BUG FIX) Fixed issue where player would slide in place at a fire
(BUG FIX) While crafting multiples, the crafting screen retains focus on the last crafted item
(BUG FIX) Fixed a number of incorrectly compressed HUD elements
(BUG FIX) Removed "caused by" field from afflictions, as it was not usable
(BUG FIX) Many save/load fixes related to loot, item spawning
(BUG FIX) Removed icons for unvisitable islands
(BUG FIX) Added scroll for alert text when it's trimmed
(BUG FIX) Improved AI Behaviors across the board
(BUG FIX) Bow no longer duplicates if equipped from aesop
(BUG FIX) Can no longer deploy/equip from aesop
(BUG FIX) After restore, 1st explore location will no longer have 2 suns
(BUG FIX) Boars now splash in water
(BUG FIX) Animals will no longer spawn under ground
(BUG FIX) Added interrupt system when equipping items or using journal
(BUG FIX) Afflictions no longer clipped by gas meter
(BUG FIX) Burrowed rabbits no longer killed by smoke jars
(BUG FIX) Fixed issue where dock anim would skip after playing for a couple hours
(BUG FIX) Non-modal alerts no longer squash or stretch icons
(BUG FIX) New footsteps sounds for in water

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The Flame in the Flood
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