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Sheltered: "Bloodlines Update" für die Bunker-Simulation

Sheltered (Strategie) von Team 17
Sheltered (Strategie) von Team 17 - Bildquelle: Team 17
Für die postapokalyptische Bunker-Simulation Sheltered steht das "Bloodlines Update" zur Verfügung. Das bisher größte Update umfasst ein neues Szenario und wenn man dieses Szenario abschließt, kann man ein weiteres Familienmitglied ausfindig machen. Ansonsten werden vier weitere Quests hinzugefügt, diverse Balance-Anpassungen vorgenommen und einige Bugs entfernt. Das Survival-Strategiespiel steht bei Steam Early Access oder beim Spielvorschau-Programm auf der Xbox One (Game Preview) zur Verfügung.

New Scenario: Family Ties
  • A new scenario has been added, which on completion allows the players to locate and recruit an additional family member.

New Quests
  • The Sickness
  • The Doll
  • Arms Dealer
  • On the Road Again (reclaim the RV quest, will only appear on fresh saves)

Additional New Features
  • New HUD element to distinguish family members from recruited outsiders.
  • New sound effects added for character actions.
  • Weapon descriptions now include stats on damage, accuracy and required strength to wield.
  • New tips added to loading screen.
  • Bedrock now visible beneath bottom floor of fully expanded shelter.
  • Added Kickstarter backer likenesses NPC's that walk across the top of the shelter.
  • Added zoom function for the mouse wheel.
  • Added ability to discard items from storage.
  • Added ability to view map by pressing M on the keyboard.

Changes and Balancing including:
  • The 'Good Shower' has been moved to Tier 3 of the work bench.
  • Characters will now abandon shelter instead of going catatonic for second time.
  • 'Valium' has been renamed 'Relaxant'.
  • Characters no longer squat down when defecating.
  • Petrol is now less frequently found at locations.
  • Updated the way the encounter system works out if a trade/recruit/bully attempt is successful or not.
  • Disloyal characters can now be selected after recruitment, but remain automated until loyalty is 33%.
  • Player can now harvest trapped animals despite freezers being full.
  • Players can assign tasks to recruited characters immediately without improving loyalty.
  • Flies now appear over shelter mess (empty cans, vomit etc).
  • Snare traps now have a sound effect when an animal is caught,
  • Reduced the spawn frequency of petrol at houses and farms.
  • NPC refusing trades will no longer stop character from exploring a location.
  • Changed the upgrading time from 1 second to 15 seconds for the shelter doors.
  • Changed trade value of books, toys and records to 25 from 50.
  • Changes to radio scanning to help results remain balanced
  • The horse now visually returns from an expedition properly
  • Incoming transmission sound effect now plays 3 times instead of once per transmission
  • The repair icon now appears above objects when they are at 25% integrity.
  • Added 'under construction' symbol for objects under construction
  • Animation added when getting water for a catatonic character.
  • Characters now become hardened after killing multiple NPCs

Bug Fixes including:
  • Fixed an issue with intruders becoming stuck during a breach.
  • Tier 2 bed can now be deconstructed
  • Breaching NPC's will no longer get stuck climbing ladders.
  • Oxygen filter audio no longer plays when no power is supplied.
  • Defend animation no longer plays twice in combat.
  • Hazmat suits are now returned to the rack when the corpse wearing one is harvested, incinerated or buried.
  • Characters are now correctly awarded XP for killing an enemy with a counter-attack.
  • Characters in automation no longer use objects in their burnt out state.
  • Extinguishing a single fire no longer causes characters to slide towards a second fire.
  • Fixed the cursor from being hidden when players had certain items plugged into their computers
  • Rain audio now stops when it is no longer raining
  • Characters can now remove hazmat suits from corpses
  • Characters who died in combat no longer increase stats if they killed an NPC in the same combat
  • An error message now appears if the game is unable to set at the requested resolution
  • When doors are upgraded, the room between is now updated to match the doors
  • When the horse dies, the stable and saddle can no longer be crafted
  • If the stable is built as the horse dies, the items are now refunded
  • Added activity pane text if a character is killed by a snake bite
  • 'Not enough room' tooltip no longer appears multiple times if rations cannot fit into the pantry
  • Updated the description of resistance upgrades for the oxygen filter
  • The horse no longer appears behind the hatch when crafting a stable when the horse in on an expedition
  • The horse now saves/loads correctly while on an expedition
  • Characters now have dialogue when in encounters started by NPCs
  • Names of cities on the map have been changed so that location can be seen easier
  • Changed the map cursor when using a controller
  • Changed the map waypoint flag size
  • Infections have a higher chance of being contracted when health is low instead of being random
  • Faction members now have names
  • Snake can no longer kill an expedition party member as they are leaving causing the expedition party to become stuck
  • Updated the crafting panel so it shows the correct amount of "Owned" objects
  • Updated the description of the X button on the leaderboard panel. It now says "Time" instead of "Next"
  • Updated the amount of waypoints that can be placed on the map to 50
  • Single bed will no longer spontaneously combust on its own.

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