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Test: Conan Exiles
Test: Conan Exiles
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Test: Conan Exiles
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Conan Exiles
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Conan Exiles - Update #27 für die Early-Access-Version

Conan Exiles (Rollenspiel) von Funcom / Koch Media
Conan Exiles (Rollenspiel) von Funcom / Koch Media - Bildquelle: Funcom / Koch Media
Für die Early-Access-Version von Conan Exiles ist das 27. Update veröffentlicht worden (ca. 750 MB). Nach der Installation können Avatare Schaden erhalten, was ihre Beschwörungsdauer verkürzt. Fortan können außerdem Avatar-Verteidigungsanlagen, Mauern mit Zinnen, Zugbrücken und Aufzüge gebaut werden. Neu ist zudem der Waffentyp Orb (Feuer, Gift, Öl, Wasser).

Letztes aktuelles Video: Update 27 Avatar defense drawbridges elevators explosive orbs

Change-Log (TLDR):
  • Avatars can now be damaged. Each attack against an avatar will remove some time from the summoning timer until the avatar finally disappears. The amount of time removed depends on the amount of damage done.
  • NEW CONTENT: Added a new weapon type: Orbs. There are four orb types: fire, poison, oil, water. Orbs can be crafted in the firebowl cauldron, by an alchemist thrall. Orbs create combo fields with a variety of effects. Different orb types interact with combo fields in different ways. I.e.: Demon-fire Orbs leave a patch of fire on the floor. Grease Orbs leave a slippery patch. Grease Orbs thrown into Demon-fire create a larger patch of fire. Orbs are designed to be T1-level demolition tools, but can also be used in combat for damage and area control.
  • NEW CONTENT: Added avatar defense. Tier 3 altars with an archpriest can perform a ritual that creates a large protective area around the altar. Any Avatar entering the area is blasted with divine fury. Projectiles are blocked by a small shield dome around the altar itself. The ritual lasts for 36 hours.
  • NEW CONTENT: Added drawbridge
  • NEW CONTENT: Added crenelated walls
  • NEW CONTENT: Added siege cauldron. Attaches to crenelated walls. Uses tar as ammo, greets attackers with boiling tar.
  • NEW CONTENT: Added horizontal and vertical elevators
  • EXPLOIT FIX: Yoggite Cudgel no longer gives Manifestation of Zeal in player inventory
  • EXPLOIT FIX: Updated collision mesh on many cliffs/rocks to prevent building pieces being placed inside them
  • EXPLOIT FIX: It should no longer be possible to escape the Cursewall by logging off during the death animation
  • EXPLOIT FIX: Updated player and texture collision to prevent players from building inside certain cliff walls
  • EXPLOIT FIXFixed an issue where players could spawn inside a stone pillar on the eastern side of the map
  • Added a max ping filter (MaxAllowedPing). It is enabled on official servers by default. Private server admins can turn this on in the server settings with the MaxAllowedPing by setting the value to something other than 0. Value is max ping (ms) allowed.
  • The map will now show players carrying an avatar token as well as active rituals of protection.
  • It should now be possible to shoot through window frames
  • Small campfires now require only 5 branches.
  • Weight of leather is now more consistent with other resources
  • Hitpoints on building pieces have been drastically increased. The new Orbs fill the function of T1 explosives. Explosive Jars are now T2 explosives.
  • Combat update: Basic attacks do less damage and won't consume stamina. Heavy attacks do relatively more damage, but requires more stamina. We are working on a fix that will allow us to add a higher stamina cost to heavy attacks.
  • Combat update: Poise values have been updated. Weapons now have knockback power according to the weapon type. I.e. all maces have the same knockback power, regardless of level. 2-handed hammer attacks do the same amount of damage for both basic and heavy attacks. Additionally, heavy attacks knock you down unless you're wearing a full heavy armor set. Expect more changes to weapon functions and poise values as we keep working on this.
  • Combat update: Crossbows now have more knockback power than bows. Existing ammo types no longer affect knockdown power.
  • Armor should no longer protect you from fall damage
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