Conan Exiles: Early-Access-Update #30 überarbeitet das Temperatursystem -

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Test: Conan Exiles
Test: Conan Exiles
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Test: Conan Exiles
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Conan Exiles
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Conan Exiles: Early-Access-Update #30 überarbeitet das Temperatursystem

Conan Exiles (Rollenspiel) von Funcom / Koch Media
Conan Exiles (Rollenspiel) von Funcom / Koch Media - Bildquelle: Funcom / Koch Media
Für Conan Exiles auf PC ist das 30. Early-Access-Update (ca. 4,1 GB) veröffentlicht worden. Das Update umfasst eine Reihe von Verbesserungen und Bugfixes, darunter eine "zügige" Überarbeitung des Temperatursystems. Die Liste mit allen Veränderungen findet ihr hier.

  • Added option for locking containers (Containers owned by clan are lockable/unlockable for all members of that clan)
  • A map marker will now point to where you died
  • PvP death notifications should now appear when a player logs back in after being killed offline
  • Arrows can now be picked up by players unless they break on impact (If you've used an arrow to kill something you won't be able to pick it back up)
  • When multiple players help kill a monster the XP is now distributed among everyone that contributed damage.
  • Thrall specialty recipes should now be in the recipe slots, not the Thrall slot
  • Fur can now be made into leather in a tannery
  • The screen edge effect for temperature (de)buffs have been modified to be less intrusive
  • Doors and gates will now close automatically after about 30 seconds
  • The Cry-for-Help radius of humanoid NPCs have been reduced significantly. This will make it a bit easier to break camps and not have to face hordes of enemies all the time (although it will still happen if the player is not careful).
  • Crafting times have been tweaked for most recipes in the game to about half. This change will be most notable for weapons and ammunition such as bolts and arrows. Some food items are also significantly affected
  • Dragonpowder and Explosive Jars no longer have decay timers
  • Added pop-up hint to Star Metal meteors when players try to harvest the outer shell with tools. Star Metal core can now be harvested with all tools, but black ice tools give the most resources

Temperature system changes
  • The temperature system will now change more slowly - meaning that moving from one area to another will still apply the same temperatures but it takes longer to reach the target temperature
  • Changed temperature system popups. Temperature system now progresses (from coldest to hottest); "Frostbite, Extremely Cold, Very Cold, Cold, Normal, Hot, Very Hot, Extremely Hot, Overheating"
  • Drinking from the waterskin and the water-filled flasks will now give a cooling effect.
  • Swimming reduces temperature by a small amount.
  • It should now be possible to eat ice and get a cold buff
  • Fixed damage on "Very Hot" buff, "Very Cold" buff and "Extremely Hot" and "Extremely Cold" buffs. The damage has been removed from the "Very" versions and slightly lowered for the "Extremely" versions
  • The screen edge effect for temperature (de)buffs have been modified to be less intrusive
  • Frost bite damage has been increased
  • The following items now provide correct temperature protection: Sandstorm Breathing Mask, Darfari Speaker Mask, Leather Workgloves, Climbing Gloves, Climbing Boots, Black Hand Vest, Black Hand Trousers, Relic Hunter Turban, Relic Hunter Shirt, Relic Hunter Gloves, Relic Hunter Trousers und Relic Hunter Boots
  • All of the above now grant anti-heat bonuses, except for the leather workgloves that give a +2 temperature.
  • Exile Heavy armor now increases temperature as follows: Normal: +5, Exceptional: +8, Flawless: +13
  • Exile Medium armor now increases temperature as follows: Normal: +5, Exceptional: +8, Flawless: +13
  • Reptile armor now decreases temperature by a total of -15

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