Final Fight: Streetwise: - Das Spielemagazin. Kritisch. Ehrlich. Aktuell. Das Spielemagazin. Kritisch. Ehrlich. Aktuell.
Entwickler: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Test: Final Fight: Streetwise
Test: Final Fight: Streetwise

Leserwertung: 83% [2]

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Final Fight Streetwise: Details zum Soundtrack

Es wummert dick auf den Straßen von Final Fight: Streetwise - Capcom hat eine Liste des kompletten Soundtracks veröffentlicht:

Lizenzierte Musik

Hip Hop/R&B

  • AlfaMega feat. Lil Flip, TI and Trina: Southern Boyz
  • Deviants of Reality: The Power of Words
  • Diverse, Lyrics Born and RJD2: Explosive (Caural Mix)
  • Nappy Roots: Hip Hop
  • Nappy Roots: Rewind 
  • 334 Mob feat. T-Rock: They Fighting (Uh Oh)
  • Dejeous: City Limits
  • Dejeous: It's
  • Dejeous: First/Last
  • Dub Pistols: Soldiers 
  • Move.Meant: Heather
  • Millz: Hey
  • Funkaz: Fatti Sotto
  • Droptest: I'll Start A War
  • Jay Tee/ From N2deep/ L.V.: Holdin' On
  • SuperTweeker: Velocity
  • Smoke & Numbers: Final Fight II
  • A Mafia ft. Shiest Bub: Get Ya Head Bust Open
  • Bigg Steele: Deez Dayz feat. RBX & Polarbear
  • Bigg Steele: Tha Hood
  • Diverse: Blindman
  • RZA: MF Doom Song
  • Mos Def, Diverse, Prefuse 73: Wilyn' Out


  • Stymie & the Pimp Jones Luv Orchestra: Superfun Teenage Girls
  • Fear Factory: Moment of Impact
  • Steve Tushar: Begin Again (Tweaker)
  • Underbiz: My Rage
  • Soulfly: Riotstarter
  • Soulfly: Fuel The Hate
  • Opeth: The Grand Conjuration
  • Slipknot: Pulse of the Maggots
  • Gizmachi: The Answer
  • Shadows Fall: What drives the Weak
  • Shadows Fall: The Power of I and I
  • Jakob: Stolen Dodge
  • Comity: Act I Scene II
  • Fate Thirteen: Start the Revolution

Instrument Music

  • NUMBS: Sacrifice (INST)
  • Astrix: On Fire 


CD 1

  • Mos Def, Diverse & Prefuse 73: Wylin Out (RJD2 Remix)
  • Smoot: Hey! (Be Like Me)
  • Nappy Roots: Rewind
  • A Mafia: Get Ya Head Bust Open
  • Bigg Steele: Deez Dayz
  • Move.Meant: Heather
  • Jay Tee: Holdin On
  • Dujeous: City Limits
  • Dub Pistols: Soldiers
  • Deviants of Reality: The Power of Words
  • Diverse: Blindman
  • Dujeous: It's
  • SuperTweeker: Velocity

CD 2

  • AlfaMega: Southern Boyz
  • 334 Mobb: Uh Oh They Fighting
  • Nappy Roots: Hip Hop (Main Mix)
  • Smoke & Numbers: You Aint Tough (Final Fight II)
  • Diverse: Explosive (Caural Mix)
  • Bigg Steele: Tha Hood
  • Dujeous: First/Last
  • Funkareem: Fatti Sotto
  • Astrix: On Fire
  • Droptest: I'll Start A War
  • Fate Thirteen: Start The Evolution
  • DropTest: Stolen Dodge
  • Comity: Her Own King Theory (Act I, Scene II)

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