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Star Trek Online - Season 5: Call to Arms

Star Trek Online (Rollenspiel) von Perfect World / Namco Bandai / Atari
Star Trek Online (Rollenspiel) von Perfect World / Namco Bandai / Atari - Bildquelle: Perfect World / Namco Bandai / Atari
Für Star Trek Online ist das Update "Season 5: Call to Arms" veröffentlicht worden. Mit dem neuen (optionalen) Duty-Officer-System lassen sich Offiziere auf Ingame-Missionen entsenden, die dann Belohnungen und Co. versprechen. Neben einem Borg-Vorstoß und Überarbeitungen bei den Klingonen sind sowohl die Zugangsmöglichkeiten bzw. das Interface zum Zugriff auf Story-Missionen verbessert werden - auch die Beschreibungen der Fertigkeiten im Weltraumabschnitt sollen nun eindeutiger sein. Darüber hinaus gibt es neue kampflose "Lore Missions" und ein Großteil der "alten Währungen" (Abzeichen etc.) sind in eine Form, nämlich Dilithium, zusammengefasst worden.

Die Free-to-play-Umstellung von Star Trek Online wird übrigens am 17. Januar 2012 durchgeführt.

Duty Officer System
Since the birth of the Federation and Klingon Defense Force, there have been countless unsung heroes that work in a vessel’s lower decks. No matter which department they are in, these officers have pledged their lives to their ship and fellow crewmates. For the first time ever, as their Captain, you will actively manage their activities as you delegate their assignments aboard and away from your ship. Along your journey, you can collect and trade these officers with fellow Captains to help you build the crew of your dreams.

While participating in this new form of gameplay is optional, doing so will earn you special rewards, accolades, and even help you to advance your various ranks. As with any assignment, there are inherent risks, but the potential reward may outweigh the danger. Assign your officers wisely and don’t forget to check in with your First Officer for suggestions.

The Borg Advancement
For the past several months, Starfleet and the KDF have been confronting the Borg armada as they make their advance on the Alpha Quadrant. Recently, a Borg fleet was able to break through the Defari blockades in the Orellius Sector Block, land a probe on Defera Prime and begin assimilating its inhabitants. It is up to you to beam down and eliminate the threat of total annihilation of this important race.

Meanwhile, in the Gamma Orionis Sector Block, the Borg have developed new strategies to keep the Federation and KDF at bay. Join a Special Task Force (STF) and attempt to rid the Sibiran, Vorn and Quadra Sigma Systems of imminent danger. Completing these missions will earn you special rewards, complete with new space and ground costume sets that grant special abilities.

Klingon Gameplay Updates
Season 5: Call to Arms enhances Klingon gameplay and introduces an improved way to level up your KDF warrior. Not only will your character start out as a Commander (level 21), you will experience a compelling storyline that will allow you to move more easily through the ranks by completing episodic content. It is a glorious day for battle!

Skills Revamp
Over the course of Season 5, the way you choose to specialize your captain will be updated. Phase One of these changes, the Space Skills Revamp, is now live and provides a clearer understanding of where to spend your Skill Points and which tree affects which innate and Bridge Officer powers. This update will also allow you to experiment with different ship and weapon types without having to utilize a respec token.

Mission Revamp
Season 5 also introduces a more streamlined way to play through the game’s episodic content. Captains will utilize the completely redesigned mission journal to find the latest Starfleet or KDF assignments available, including an option to transwarp instantly to the mission’s starting planet. If you are short on Energy Credits, or prefer to take in the surrounding sights of Sector Space, plot a course to the starting planet for a chance to access the revamped patrol missions. Also, the journal now includes a calendar that will lead you to special events that deliver new content and rewards.

Lore Missions
Along with the release of the Starfleet and Klingon Academy maps, an entirely new type of non-combat play is being introduced. Participate in daily events surrounding the game’s lore by venturing to these social zones and test your knowledge of the rich history behind The Path to 2409. Completing these will grant new accolades and titles that allow you to show-off your knowledge to your comrades.

Economy Restructuring
Many of the old currencies you have come to know have been converted into a single monetary-form known as Dilithium. Whether you are playing through episodic content, participating in Duty Officer assignments, or completing daily missions, earning Dilithium will allow you to purchase upgraded equipment that can help you more easily defeat your foes and bring you the ultimate bragging rights.

For the first time ever, this update is going to allow players to acquire Cryptic Points without having to spend money. Participate in the Dilithium Exchange program by auctioning off your Dilithium to the highest bidder. Don’t have time to play as much as you would like to earn the Dilithium you’d like? You can now purchase and auction off Cryptic Points to those willing to buy them with this new, uniform currency.

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