Rainbow Six: Vegas: 360-Patch

von Marcel Kleffmann,
Bildquelle: Ubisoft
Ubisoft Montreal hat einen Patch für die Xbox 360-Version von Rainbow Six: Vegas veröffentlicht. Sobald ihr den Taktik-Shooter und Xbox Live startet, wird das Update automatisch runtergeladen. Folgende Verbesserungen werden vorgenommen:

Single Player

-Fixed bugs with voice recognition
-Fixed a bug that made the game crash when killing Dr. Smythe under a specific circumstance.


-Getting stuck at briefing screen when joining a match in progress
-Fixed a coop crash when failing a mission numerous times
-Fixed an exploit where observers received same kills as host in terrorist hunt
-Fixed a intermittent coop crash in map Factory
-Fixed a disconnection bug when host changes map
-Fixed a bug with live camera that forced a reboot.
-Fixed an issue with max players not being related to recommended players for maps.
-Added better feedback in the game search menus.
-Fixed a bug with the siege specialist achievement.
-Fixed players crashing when using shield and entering a game with shield restricted.
-Fixed a rare crash when starting a coop story game
-Fixed a bug that made the shield become invisible in certain circumstances.
-Fixed a display bug with weapons disappearing while using shield
-Fixed a crash while using the Live Vision Camera

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