Civilization Revolution: Mini-Add-Ons & Patch 1.3.0-Infos - Das Spielemagazin. Kritisch. Ehrlich. Aktuell. Das Spielemagazin. Kritisch. Ehrlich. Aktuell.
Entwickler: Firaxis
Publisher: 2K Games
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Test: Civilization Revolution
Test: Civilization Revolution
Test: Civilization Revolution
Test: Civilization Revolution
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Civilization Revolution - Mini-Add-Ons & Patch 1.3.0-Infos

Am 30. Oktober sollen die drei "Wunder und Reliquien"-Erweiterungen für Civilization Revolution veröffentlicht werden. Die drei Mini-Add-Ons für den Einzelspieler-Modus kosten jeweils 2,99 Euro im PlayStation Store bzw. 300 MS-Points und beinhalten je vier neue Weltwunder und zwei Reliquien:

I. Erweiterung "Die Mythischen"
- Weltwunder Leuchtturm von Alexandria: Galeeren können Ozeanfelder befahren
- Weltwunder Schiefer Turm von Pisa: ankommende Karavanen verschaffen mehr Profit
- Weltwunder Scotland Yard: Große Persönlichkeiten können nicht durch Spione entführt werden
- Weltwunder Seti: Höhere Reisegeschwindigkeit des Raumschiffs
- Reliquie Hof von Camelot: sofortige Modernisierung aller Reiter zu Rittern
- Reliquie Turm zu Babel: sofortiger Kontakt zu allen Nationen der Welt

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Außerdem wird gerade Patch 1.30 von Sony und Microsoft überprüft und demnächst veröffentlicht. Folgende Veränderungen soll das Update vornehmen:

New Game of the Week Leaderboards Added
New leaderboards have been added to the Game of the Week competitions. The new leaderboards sort players according to the type of victory they attain. The original leaderboards combine all of the different victory types together and will still be available under the "Combined" tab.

By pressing RIGHT or LEFT TRIGGER, you can scroll through the information about each players' victory - their leader, victory type and the year they won. By pressing X, only your friends will be displayed on the leaderboard. By pressing Y, you will display your own best victory on the current Game of the Week for the board you have chosen.

Game of the Week Improvements
A number of improvements have been made to increase replayability of the Game of the Week. On the Chieftain level the Game of the Week remains the same, but at the Warlord level and beyond the AI civilizations receive new bonuses based on the difficulty level.

Using the "Find Me" Option Before the User is Ranked
Previously, if a player selected the "Find Me" option on one of the leaderboards before their game had posted, it would simply take them to the end of the list and show them another user. Now, when the player does this, a warning appears.

Leaderboards "Find Me" Functionality Improved
The "Find Me" functionality on the leaderboards has been improved to allow for a quicker response time and to fix a non-functionality error.

Incorrect Civilization Icon Appearing When a Player Loses a Game of the Week Match
Previously, players who lost a Game of the Week would occasionally see an entry posted for their name, but with an incorrect civilization icon. It would occur when the player would reach the year 2100 in the game, but with an AI player in the lead when the game ended. This has been corrected.

Fixed Game of the Week Matches Failing to Post to Leaderboard (PS3)
If someone played more than one ranked/Game of the Week game during a session, the subsequent games would not always post their results to the leaderboards. This has been corrected.

Fixed Old Scores Appearing After Player Completes a New Week's Game of the Week (PS3)
Previously, if a player completed a Game of the Week match one week with a high score and then the following week completed the new Game of the Week match with a lower score, their older, higher score would not be overwritten in the leaderboards. The result was that the entries in GotW leaderboards appeared out of order. They should be sorted by the year the game was completed in increasing order, which has been corrected in this patch.

Multiplayer Pausing Exploit
Previously in multiplayer, when one player paused the game the other players' games paused as well. This meant a player could continually pause and un-pause the game, making the game unplayable for the other players involved. To prevent this situation, players now can only pause the game once per turn in multiplayer.

Rushing World Bank/United Nations Exploit
We have corrected an exploit that allowed players to rush the World Bank/United Nations.

Absent Multiplayer Exploit Fix
Previously in multiplayer games, players had been able to walk away from their game, but leave the game running, forcing the other players to have to wait until the turn timer ran out every single turn, slowing the pace of play significantly.

If the player has not been taking their turn, and the player is the last to have not completed their turn, after roughly five seconds, the speed of that player's turn timer will increase.

This means that if the player has stepped away from the game, they will not slow down the pace of play. If the absent player begins to perform actions again, the player's turns will return to normal.

This only begins to happen once the game has progressed 40 turns (reached Year 0).

Democratic Players Ignoring Offers to Cease Hostilities
Previously in Multiplayer games, if two players were at war, and the player not using the Democracy government attempted to contact another player who was using the Democracy government, which normally would force the Democratic player to declare peace with the other player, the Democratic player could simply ignore the non-Democratic player, making it impossible for the other player to force them from war.

Now, when a non-Democratic player attempts to diplomatically contact a player using the Democracy government, the Democratic player cannot ignore them until they leave the Democracy government.

Democratic Players Being Able to Declare War
Previously, when a player with the Democracy government actively began Diplomacy in a multiplayer game, the option to declare war still appeared on the list of diplomatic options. That option has now been removed.

AI Players Randomly Give Techs
Previously, when players demanded a technology from an AI player, if they rapidly pressed the "Accept" button in certain situations, the AI might have randomly given them the tech they previously refused to give. This has been corrected.

Selling the Same Tech to AI Players Multiple Times
Previously, there was a rare situation where it was possible for players to sell a technology to the same AI civilization multiple times. This has been corrected.

Repeating "Production Complete" Sound Cue Bug
Occasionally, when a player completed construction in a city, the "Production Complete" sound cue would play multiple times. This has been fixed.

Wonder Music Bug
Occasionally, when a player built a wonder, the music would be exceedingly loud because the music was being played multiple times overtop of itself. This patch includes a fix for that bug.

Space Victory Sound Not Playing
Occasionally, when a player completed a game via a Space Race victory, the music would not play. This has been corrected and the music now plays.

Modern Era City Focus Recalibration
Once the player reaches the Modern Era, if they change their city's city focus to Gold or Science, their city will no longer produce Hammers. Instead, they will produce extra Gold or Science respectively.

Great General Bug
Normally, Great Generals would attach to units and not be able to move independently of their unit. A bug, however, allowed some Great Generals to separate from their unit. This bug has been fixed.

Main Menu Input Crash (360)
Previously, if players left their controller in a state where a button was continually being pushed for a long period of time on the main menu, then the game would crash. This has been fixed.

Improved Multiplayer Quick/Ranked Match Functionality (PS3)
We have fixed a number of bugs that had reduced the ability for players with different network connections to join the game. Improved NAT negotiation handling and the addition of a temporary failed connection blacklist will allow players to connect to Ranked or Quick match games more reliably.

Inviting Players into Multiplayer Games from Title Screen or Dashboard (360)
Previously, if the player was invited into a game from the title screen or dashboard, they would be unable to select a storage device before entering the game. This has been fixed.

Inviting Other Players Within the Game
Previously, if one player invited a second player into a game, and that player was already in the middle of the game, the invited player would be bumped out to the main menu, rather than directly into the game. This has been fixed.

Preventing Non-Host Players from Inviting into Multiplayer Games
Previously, players other than the host of a game could invite players into a multiplayer game. This has been removed.

Hang When Host and Additional Players Leave a Multiplayer Match
Previously, when playing a three or four player multiplayer game, if both the host and another player left at the same time, a hang could sometimes occur. This has been fixed.

Combat Progresses Faster in Multiplayer
When the player enters combat in Multiplayer, the resulting battle has been sped up to facilitate speedy gameplay.

High Capacity Multiplayer Lobby Fixes (360)
Previously, when more than ten games were present in the multiplayer lobby, the game names present on the first page of the lobby would be repeated on the second page and be unselectable. This has been corrected.

AI Improvements
Improvements have been made to the AI. AI players are now less likely to war on the player and more likely to war on one another.

Version Number Display
The current version number of the game is now displayed on the main menu.

Custom Worker Management Cursor Color Corrected (PS3)
Previously, the custom worker management cursor appeared to be black because of a missing HDR profile. This has been corrected.

Misc Optimization and Stability Fixes

Civilization Revolution
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GoreFutzy schrieb am
Marlex hat geschrieben: - Weltwunder Scotland Yard: Große Persönlichkeiten können nicht durch Spione entführt werden -> Ist mir noch NIE vorgekommen, dass der Computer sich eine meiner Großen Persönlichkeiten per Spion geschnappt hätte.
Das ist mir aber schon passiert. Besonders, wenn deine und die
gegnerische Stadt durch eine Straße verbunden ist, (aus welchem
Grund auch immer) kam bei mir ein Spion an und hat jemanden
mitgenommen. Das erfuhr ich dann aber in der darauffolgenden Runde.
dOpesen schrieb am
RächerMitDemBecher hat geschrieben:...
der becher mit dem fächer hat den wein gut und rein! ;)
RächerMitDemBecher schrieb am
Die sollten lieber mal den Zufallsgenerator patchen. Das kotzt mich so an, dass andauernd ne 70er Artillerie gegen 40er Schützen verkackt. Schlimmer ists sogar, wenn es bei der Verteidigung passiert und ne Stadt bei draufgeht.
Und Gottheit finde ich zu heftig. Da sehe ich irgendwie gar kein Licht. Technologisch selbst bei 8 Städten (und die hat man als eigene gegründete ja auch eher selten) mit Bibliotheken und auf Wissenschaft gestellt gerade mal so mit Ach und Krach nicht abgeschlagen. Aber die Comps kloppen ja dabei Wunder raus und scheffeln Geld wie nichts Gutes. In der Städteverteidung sind auch zumeist mindestens 4 Gruppen Schützen + 1 Spionring, so dass man Artillerie oder zumindest Panzer braucht, um da was zu reissen. Und wenn Artillerie dann endlich da ist, darfst dann gleich 3 gleichzeitig bekämpfen, da sie entweder kurz vorm Wirtschaftssieg. Kultursieg oder Technologiesieg stehen. Während Kaiser irgendwo noch "fair" ist (wobei man da mit echt einfachen Taktiken auch 100% Winquote fast rausholen kann), ist Gottheit echt abnormal.
Marlex schrieb am
Naja, ich weiß nicht warum man dafür 3 ? bezahlen sollte. Die neuen Weltwunder und Reliquen sind irgendwie alle ziemlich schlecht:
- Weltwunder Leuchtturm von Alexandria: Galeeren können Ozeanfelder befahren -> Naja, kommt auf die Kosten an, aber gerade zu Beginn dauern Weltwunder meist viel zu lange zum Bauen, um daraus Nutzen ziehen zu können. Das hier könnte bei geringen Baukosten ja gerade noch aktzeptabel sein.
- Weltwunder Schiefer Turm von Pisa: ankommende Karavanen verschaffen mehr Profit -> Das einzige Mal wo der Gegner Karawanen losschickt ist dann, wenn er eine aus einem Barbarendorf erhält. Ist mir in über 40 Spielen (Schwierigkeitsstufe Gottheit) noch nicht vorkommen, dass sich außer in der Antike noch eine Karawane des Computers in meine Städte verirrt hätte.
- Weltwunder Scotland Yard: Große Persönlichkeiten können nicht durch Spione entführt werden -> Ist mir noch NIE vorgekommen, dass der Computer sich eine meiner Großen Persönlichkeiten per Spion geschnappt hätte.
- Weltwunder Seti: Höhere Reisegeschwindigkeit des Raumschiffs
-> Nutzlos, ein Rennen welches Raumschiff zuerst ankommt wenn zwei Raumschiffe gleichzeitig losgeschickt wurden ist dermaßen selten (1 von 100 Spielen vielleicht), da ist die Bauzeit dieses Wunders absolut verschenkte Produktion. Wenn man sein eigenes Raumschiff losschickt, sind die Computergegner nicht clever genug, die Hauptstadt anzugreifen, daher ists egal obs nun 16 oder 8 Runden dauert bis das Raumschiff ankommt.
- Reliquie Hof von Camelot: sofortige Modernisierung aller Reiter zu Rittern
-> Naja, geht so, das Finden bedingt, dass man bereits viele Ritter hat, um daraus Nutzen zu ziehen. In der Regel ist der Bau von Legionen dem Bau von Reitern aufgrund gleicher Stärke bei halben Kosten vorzuziehen, der Computer sieht das ebenso, der baut auch nie Reiter. Der Nutzen von verdoppelter Geschwindigkeit ist nicht groß genug, wenn man bedenkt, das man in der selben Zeit...
GoreFutzy schrieb am
Hey nice,
das hab ich mir neulich erst geholt.
Schön, dass es da Content zu geben wird und schön, dass
ich nicht arm bin. Welch ein Segen... :twisted:
schrieb am