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Lets rock in the Arena

Nachdem wir lange keine Neuigkeiten zum UT Mod Rocket Arena gehört haben, gibt es nun einen neuen Download. Nach dem Upgrade auf die Version 1.40 werden ein paar Fehler bereinigt und vier neue Maps integriert.

Hier ein kleiner Überblick zum Patch:

New in this version:
  • The server-info listing (F2) does not list players in the arenas

  • The key bindings for next/previous arena are reversed

  • Armor amounts seem to be random when an arena starts, fluctuating between different amounts.

  • Players are able to shoot before the round begins (while no damage is incurred, it can be used to set up combos)

  • Bots are able to fight before the arena begins (yes, it looks like the same issue as above, but they are caused by different things)

  • Matches can start even though only one team is in the arena (caused by the "ghosts" of previous teams haunting the arena :)

  • When you join a clan arena late, you receive 100 health and join a team, but dont physically spawn. This can hold up the game since the other team is unable to kill you

  • You can feign death in arenas to confuse opponents

  • When joining a server, the teleport effect is played for you, even though you are invisible

  • You cannot always see the other persons s health when you should be able to (like after a round is over)

  • The updating of the playercounts at the bottom of the screen are delayed by a second or so

  • When the map ends, and gets ready to go to the next map, there is no clear indication given of what is happening. It is very confusing to people

  • Players should automatically get companion bots spawned to follow them around and play them as they play alone in a server.

  • Players need a way to configure bot skills, etc.

  • Bots suck. Yes, I think I ve improved them a lot more this time.

  • When falling off a cliff into a VacuumZone, Damage did not occur

  • Bouncy rockets was in effect regardless of whether the option was selected.

  • A need for global talk (the ability to talk to all arenas). This is implemented via a new key binding, and requires a 1.41 client and server to work correctly.

  • Sometimes RA:UT listed the wrong team as winning the match.

  • Autopick teams in Clan Matches could choose the wrong team, and specifically joining a particualr team did not work.
  • Need an option to toggle falling damage.
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