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Test: Star Wars: The Old Republic
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Sichere dir jetzt deinen eigenen TeamSpeak Server von 4Netplayers. Sei mit deinen Freunden jederzeit online und führe große Schlachten mit perfekter Kommunikation. Die TS3 Server sind sofort nach der Bestellung verfügbar. Perfekte Hardware und ein kostenloses Support Team erwarten dich!

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Star Wars: The Old Republic - Patch 1.1

Star Wars: The Old Republic (Rollenspiel) von Electronic Arts/LucasArts
Star Wars: The Old Republic (Rollenspiel) von Electronic Arts/LucasArts - Bildquelle: Electronic Arts/LucasArts

Auf dem offiziellen Testrealm wird der Patch 1.1 für Star Wars: The Old Republic getestet. Das Update schaltet u.a. die Anti-Aliasing-Funktion im Optionsmenü frei und fügt neue Inhalte für hochstufige Spieler hinzu, darunter den neuen Flashpoint "Kaon Under Siege" (für Stufe 50) und vier weitere Bosse für die Operation "Karagga's Palace". Außerdem werden einige wichtige Bugfixes vorgenommen, u.a. in den Flashpoints und Operationen sowie bei der Jedi Ritter-Geschichte rund um Kira Carsen. Wann das Update veröffentlicht wird, steht noch in den Sternen, aber die englischen Patch-Notes stehen bereits zur Verfügung.

* Anti-aliasing is now available and can be enabled in the preferences menu.

Classes and Combat
* Healing caused by crowd control abilities no longer generates threat.
* Tooltips for abilities modified by skill points now display correct damage values.

* This ability now transfers to a new friendly target without requiring deactivation on the previous target.
* Activating this ability while targeting a guarded or invalid target will still toggle the Guard ability off.
* A distinct visual effect is now present on characters using Guard on another character, and another effect is now present on the guarded character if they leave Guard’s range.

* A new visual effect has been added to the user and the target of the Taunt ability for the duration of its effect.

Jedi Consular
* Project: This ability no longer shakes the screen of onlookers.

* Battle Readiness: Now allows Combat Technique to trigger once every 3 seconds.
* Combat Technique: Healing received through Combat Technique has been increased, scales properly at higher levels, and can only be triggered once every 4.5 seconds.
* Slow Time: This ability’s damage has been increased by 15% and it now slows the movement speed of all affected targets.

Jedi Knight
* Force Leap: This ability no longer functions on Portable Holo Dancers.

Sith Inquisitor
* Dark Charge: Healing received through Dark Charge has been increased, scales properly at higher levels, and can only be triggered once every 4.5 seconds.
* Overcharge Saber: Now allows Dark Charge to trigger once every 3 seconds.
* Wither: Damage has been increased by 15% and it now slows the movement speed of all affected targets.

Sith Warrior
* Intercede: This ability no longer functions on Portable Holo Dancers.
* Shatter: this ability’s tooltip now correctly reflects its damage; damage from this ability has not been adjusted.

Imperial Agent
Bug Fixes
* Corrected an issue where activating cover, using Explosive Probe, and then using Snipe could cause Snipe to be interrupted.

Bounty Hunter
* Incendiary Missile: This ability is no longer misclassified as an Area of Effect ability.

Companion Characters
* C2-N2 and 2V-R8 no longer vocalize crafting commentary during combat.
* The Carbonized Stream companion ability no longer breaks prematurely.

Kira Carsen
* Fixed an issue that caused players to be unable to progress in Kira’s affection conversations. Players previously affected by this issue can now speak to Kira and progress normally.

Bug Fixes
* Companions will now sell trash items when requested, regardless of group size.
* Companion healing abilities no longer apply a permanent green effect on the character.
* Fixed an issue that caused Companion Characters to sometimes have the incorrect appearance in cinematics.

Crew Skills
Bug Fixes
* Corrected an issue that prevented recently completed Crew Skill missions from showing up in the next list of available missions.
* Fixed a bug that could cause Crew Skills a character didn’t have to appear in the Crew Skills window.
* Players can no longer loot harvesting nodes they do not have the appropriate Crew Skill for after a group member harvests (but does not loot) a node.

Flashpoints and Operations
* A new level 50 Flashpoint, Kaon Under Siege, is now available for play in Normal and Hard Modes!
* The Gav Daragon and the Ziost Shadow have been expanded to accommodate the Kaon Under Siege gateway.
* The difficulty of some non-boss enemies in Flashpoints has been adjusted.
* Enemies now drop credits more frequently in Flashpoints.

* General Ortol’s rocket fire damage no longer occurs when the rocket is not active.

The Black Talon
* Some enemies in this Flashpoint are no longer invisible.

The Foundry
* Corrected an issue that could cause the final boss to become stuck at 10% health.

The Battle of Ilum
* Krel Thak’s Allied Weequay Pirates have had their toughness reduced in Hard Mode.

The False Emperor
* The Sith Entity’s affliction ability now properly deals damage in Hard Mode.
* HK-47 now has the correct amount of health in Normal Mode.

Eternity Vault
* Players are now able to successfully loot the chest after defeating the Infernal Council.
* Perimeter Defense Cannons have been re-tuned and have improved targeting behaviors.
* Soa’s Mind Trap and Force Throw abilities no longer target the same player multiple times; they now target every player in the group once.
* Ball lightning enemies summoned by Soa deal damage in a smaller radius.
* The Annihilation Droid’s rocket burst attack no longer deals double damage in 16-player Operations.
* Soa now summons fewer ball lightning enemies during the final round in 16-player Operations.

Karagga’s Palace
* Four new bosses can now be battled by players in Karagga’s Palace!
* Players no longer get stuck attempting to exit the Karagga’s Palace phase.

Bug Fixes
* Corrected an issue that prevented some enemy NPCs from spawning in Flashpoints.
* The correct error message now displays when a player attempts to enter a different Flashpoint than the rest of the group.
* Flashpoint gateways no longer display as orange in incorrect circumstances.
* Fixed an issue that prevented Flashpoint difficulty from being set properly.
* Fixed an issue that caused mapnotes directing players to some Flashpoints to not appear correctly.
* Corrected map issues that made locating mission objectives on the Gav Daragon difficult.
* Fixed an issue preventing some players from opening a chest after a boss fight if the group was previously defeated by the boss.

* An Item Modification Table has been added to the Supplies areas of the Republic and Imperial Fleets.

* Battlemaster Gear Tokens have been converted into Battlemaster Commendations, which can be used to purchase any Battlemaster gear. This allows players to purchase any piece of gear instead of requiring them to purchase the piece indicated by the token.
* Battlemaster Bags now contain Battlemaster Commendations instead of Battlemaster Gear Tokens. They still also contain Champion Commendations.

Missions and NPCs
* All Bonus Series missions and their required missions can now be abandoned.
* Certain Wampas on Hoth that were preying on lower-level characters have had their level reduced.

* Pressure Points: The Lerantha Lurker no longer engages players in combat before completing its spawn sequence.
* Geroya be Haran: Objectives related to this mission now glow when selected.
* In Cold Blood: Enemies that use Armor Piercing Cell during this mission no longer each stack a debuff on the player.
* Shadow Spawn: The Sith Spawn no longer knocks players down for longer than intended.
* Thuggish Behavior: Corrected an issue that could cause the player to remain stuck in combat during this mission. The required kills to complete this mission have been reduced.

* Climbing the Ladder: A conversation related to this mission no longer ends prematurely.
* Droid Clean Up: Corrected an issue that caused the bonus mission to persist in the player’s mission log.
* The Summit: The difficulty of the encounter with Sidone has been reduced.
* Vivicar Awaits: Lowered the amount of enemies that attack the player during the step “Find a Way Past the Force Field.”

Bug Fixes
* Jilcoln Cadera’s abilities now correctly take into account whether a player is immune from knockbacks.
* The “Primal Destroyer” World Boss on Belsavis is now “Overwhelming” as intended.
* The World Boss “The First” on Dromund Kaas no longer inhibits Bounty Hunter’s Rapid Shots, and Imperial Agents will no longer be knocked out of cover during combat with it.

* The shuttle room in Dorn Base Command Center on Hoth is no longer considered contested territory.
* Ka on Voss is now a PvP Sanctuary.

* Level 50 players now participate in their own Warzone bracket and will not be matched with lower-level players.

* The daily and weekly mission objectives in Ilum now require defeating enemy players and/or collecting armaments from the center objective.
* Players now gain increased Valor from player kills in Ilum.
* Players now gain increased bonus Valor for kills based on the number of objectives controlled by their faction.
* Increased bonus Valor is now granted for player kills when defending an objective your faction owns.
* A notification is now displayed when a player gains Valor.
* Three new respawn points have been added for each faction.
* Companions are now restricted from the PvP objective area on Ilum.
* Notifications are now displayed when enemy players are close to an objective.

Bug Fixes
* The scoreboard value for “Highest Protection Per Single Life” now functions correctly.
* Players who have left a Warzone can no longer receive an MVP vote from teammates.
* Your PvP status will now be toggled automatically upon leaving a PvP region.
* Additional feedback is now provided when a player attempts to toggle their PvP flag.
* The Bolster tooltip now more accurately represents the buff’s effects.

* Corrected a rare issue that could cause the Frogdogs to be declared the winner in a 0-0 match even if the Rotworms held the ball last.

* Mountable turrets in Ilum no longer deal damage to targets behind them or outside their range.
* Turrets no longer immediately dismount the player after use.

* Fixed a bug that prevented the minimap title from displaying when loading into the game or refreshing the UI.
* Corrected an issue that caused some mapnotes to disappear from the minimap when other mapnotes were updated.

* Item hyperlinks now display stats for crafted research items properly.
* Item hyperlinks no longer display erroneous additional information relating to schematics when examined.
* Attempting to place a non-mission item into the mission inventory now displays an error message.
* Dragging equipment onto the character paper doll no longer prompts an item deletion notice. Items dragged to the paper doll are now equipped if possible.
* Item set bonuses now appear on the tooltip when viewing an item on a vendor.
* Items that can be modified now display with the correct loot color in the loot roll window.
* Comparative tooltips now correctly display stat differences when mousing over items in the Crew Skills window.

Bug Fixes
* Fixed the tooltip display for ability cooldowns over one hour in length.
* The interface for splitting stacks of items now displays correctly.
* Servers that are online now always display on top of servers that are offline in the Server Select screen.
* Corrected a typographical error in the “Additional Commands” context menu option.
* Players nearby a player who achieves a new Legacy level no longer receive the Legacy level-up notification.
* Legacy name display preferences now persist when travelling between planets.
* A new confirmation dialogue now appears when submitting spam reports in game.
* Sorting now works correctly in the Guilds tab.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes
* The owner of a holocall conversation is no longer shown in the last frame of the cinematic.
* The spacebar button is now recognized when a player presses it to progress after a loading screen even if the spacebar button has been re-bound.
* Additional issues that could impact performance on Taris have been addressed.
* Vanity pets can no longer be considered targets for any abilities.
* Corrected an issue that could cause some preferences to reset to defaults upon area transitions.
* An Aim Datacron on Ilum is now accessible and no longer repeats its initial cinematic once used.
* A Datacron on Coruscant is no longer blocked by unintentional collision.

Quelle: Bioware
Star Wars: The Old Republic
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unknown_18 schrieb am
Ich hab mir bisher nur kurz den Patch 1.1 auf dem Testserver angesehen, da man aktuell nur dort Chars neu erstellen kann und keine transferieren von den Live Servern, müsste man erst einen Char hoch spielen um gewisse Dinge testen zu können.
Jedenfalls ist das was BW hier Anti Aliasing nennt ein schlechter Scherz, niedrig und hoch kann man einstellen und hoch ist schlechter als 4x per AMD Treiber, da es wohl eine sehr billige AA Variante ist, die nicht viel bringt. Trotz hoch wirkt es immer noch zu kantig. Und ich spiele auf einem 24" 1080p TFT, sprich da fallen Kanten generell eigentlich weniger auf.
Und die größte Frechheit ist natürlich die Texturqualität, wo es in der Beta vorher niedrig, mittel, hoch gab, gibt es das zwar jetzt vor dem Patch auch noch, aber hoch entspricht nur noch mittel und mit dem Patch gibt es dann nur noch niedrig und hoch. Sprich das neue hoch ist mittel und die Texturqualität, die wir in der Beta und auf Screenshots von BW sahen, werden wir in nächster Zeit nicht mehr zu sehen bekommen. Wir alle müssen uns nun mit der mittleren Texturqualität zufrieden geben, die hohen kriegen wir nur noch bei der Charauswahl, im Charakter Editor und bei den Dialogen zu sehen, ansonsten haben wir miese Texturen an den Charakteren.
Warum kann man sich einfach denken... weil die Engine scheiße ist und nicht in der Lage ist wie andere Engines, z.B. Aion, die Texturqualität dynamisch zu ändern, je nach dem wie stark die FPS einbrechen.
Das Gras wird auch nach wie vor viel zu spät eingeblendet (5m vor dem Char?) und sorgt dafür, dass der Boden vor allem auf Planeten wir Taris sich vor einem zu erheben scheint, was extrem störend ist.
Ich hab zwar trotzdem noch meinen Spaß, aber warum sollte ich mich dennoch nicht darüber aufregen dürfen?
Proko85 hat geschrieben:Echte MMOs sind nicht instanziert.
Echte MMOs sind auch keine Themen MMOs, die verkommen immer mehr zu linearen online...
Satus schrieb am
rob81 hat geschrieben:Mit meinem I5 @ 4,5 ghz und meiner GTX570 @ 930 mhz kann ich PvP nicht flüssig zocken !
Das game ist praktisch tot, (...)
Solche sinnfreien Feststellungen nicht mal drei Wochen nach Release...manche Leute haben echt den Drang sich öffentlich lächerlich zu machen. :lol:
Kauf dir einen gescheiten Prozessor :mrgreen:
afo schrieb am
Proko85 hat geschrieben: Echte MMOs sind nicht instanziert.
rob81 schrieb am
Mit meinem I5 @ 4,5 ghz und meiner GTX570 @ 930 mhz kann ich PvP nicht flüssig zocken !
Hab da bestenfalls 30 FPS, meist sogar drunter wenn sich alle kloppen.
Die Levelgebiete sind kein Problem, die laufen mit ~100 FPS konstant.
Keine Ahnung was die das für ein Scheiß gemacht haben, aber Anno 2012 geht das gar nicht.
Das game ist praktisch tot, denn es vergreift sich gleich an den 3 top-MMO Sünden:
-Miese Engine mit mieser Grafik und auch noch FPS Probleme
-Kein flüssiges Gameplay möglich, nicht wegen FPS sondern wegen der Mechanik mit den cooldowns und nicht abbrechbaren Animationen
-Bugs Bugs Bugs
-und als Bonus: kaum/kein Endcontent, nur dahingerotzter Müll
Mit diesem Problem können sie tun und lassen was sie wollen, das werden nicht so viele spielen.
PizzaFilip schrieb am
Simply a legend hat geschrieben:Also die Server Instanzen waren nur zu Anfangszeit wircklich präsent, als sich 1000 Leute auf dem Startplanet getummelt haben. Jetzt, nachdem die LvL Spanne größer geworden ist, hatte ich seit Corusant keine 2te Instanz mehr, obwohl eine dreistellige Anzahl an Spielern auf den Planeten waren.
Auf meinem Server sind sogar immer nur zweistellige Zahlen so um die 40.
schrieb am