Supreme Commander 2: Weiteres Update (v1.22) - Das Spielemagazin. Kritisch. Ehrlich. Aktuell. Das Spielemagazin. Kritisch. Ehrlich. Aktuell.
Entwickler: Gas Powered Games
Publisher: Square Enix
Test: Supreme Commander 2
Test: Supreme Commander 2

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Supreme Commander 2 - Weiteres Update (v1.22)

Ein weiteres Update (Version 1.22) für Supreme Commander 2 wurde von Gas Powered Games bereit gestellt. Es verbessert hauptsächlich die Computerintelligenz. Sobald ihr Steam startet, sollte das Update automatisch runtergeladen werden.

-Greatly Improved AI handling of NoRush games.
-Full fix for jumping/teleporting groups of units and only half of them getting the order.
-Addition of the command line option /reverserightclickmode, which changes the default right-click action to move the selected group to a destination ignoring formation rules. Ctrl-right-click will force the group to use a formation while travelling.
-Air units now move consistent speeds whether grouped or ungrouped.
-Improved handling of Engineers/ACU when trying to reclaim things beneath them.
-The Cybran ACU should no longer get stuck in an unrepairable state.
-Artillery should once again be able to target things it has had LOS on, but not current radar.
-Artillery can once again target structures under the Fog of War that you have had previous intel on.
-Units that do not earn XP from combat are no longer able to consume awarded XP if they get the kill.
-XP that was improperly awarded in the above case is now properly awarded to valid recipients.
-Performance improvements by adjusting all buffs that are AoE buffs over time to Refresh instead of Replace

-Fix for platoon positions being over terrain that is invalid for some units in the platoon.
-Fix for replays ending when a player prematurely quits the game or loses connection.
-Fix for circumventing the cost of the Bomb Bouncer's charge ability and the Illuminate Electroshock ability.
-Fix for Cybran ACU not getting experience under certain circumstances.
-Fix for Cybran build bots hanging around if an engineer dies while building something.
-Fix for Colossus not having a teleport effect.
-Fix for Rogue Nanite range for real this time.

-Fixed an issue in the Noah Unit Cannon task.
-Fix for 1 AI building so fast that it prevents other AIs from building at all.
-AI will no longer try to create expansion bases while No Rush is active.
-AI will build Nukes, Anti-Nukes, and units in the NUC, but they wont try to fire them while No Rush is active.
-AI will build some experimental structures in expansion bases.
-Hardened code for queuing build orders from the AI.
-Improved AI expansion finding.
-Fix for AI Nanites trying to repair things under construction.
-Fix for AI building too many Rogue Nanites.
-Fix for AI bases trying to include Mass extractors that the AI won't build on.
-AI will now look further for expansion bases to accommodate larger maps.
-Fix for AI wasting tons of mass on nukes.
-AIs will try not to step on each others' expansion bases.
-AI Engineers in expansion bases will not patrol as far away.
-More AI econ tweaks.

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