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Publisher: Electronic Arts
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Test: Command & Conquer - Red Alert 2

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Neues zum C&C Alarmstufe Rot 2-Add-On

Die Westwood Studios haben neues zum Alarmstufe Rot 2-Addon verlauten lassen: in den USA wird es unter dem Titel "Yuri´s Revenge" erscheinen, hierzulande dürfte es wohl Yuris Rache heissen. Es wird 30 neue Einheiten (inkl. Gebäuden) für die Sowiets und die USA enthalten, dazu kommen neue Kampagnen für den Einzelspieler- und Kooperations-Modus und noch eine mysteriöse Armee, die von Yuri angeführt wird.

Die Original-Pressemeldung von Westwood:

LAS VEGAS, April 13, 2001 - Following the phenomenal success of Command & Conquer™ Red Alert™ 2, Westwood Studios™ announced today it will release the official expansion pack this fall, Command & Conquer Yuri´s Revenge. The PC CD-ROM mission disk will be part of the EA GAMES™ brand from Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:ERTS).

Yuri´s Revenge is the largest expansion pack in Westwood´s history, adding to the real-time strategy game new Allied units, new Soviet units, new single-player campaigns, new multiplayer features, new co-operative campaigns, an hour of filmed story sequences, and an entirely new side: an Army lead by the mysterious psychic warrior, Yuri.

In the original Red Alert 2, Yuri was a controllable unit on the Soviet side. For the mission disk, Yuri breaks from the Soviets and launches his own bid for world domination through psychic technology. Players will take command of a time-traveling task force and go back in time to unravel Yuri´s evil plot.

"We were thrilled with the success of Red Alert 2 and really wanted to build on the gameplay for the expansion pack, rather than just add missions," said Mark Skaggs, executive producer of Red Alert 2 and Yuri´s Revenge. "This is the largest, most involved expansion pack in Westwood´s history, and we´re bringing some really exciting gameplay to our fans."

Key Features of Command & Conquer Yuri´s Revenge:

- Three sides - In multiplayer mode, the player can choose to play any of three sides: the Allies, Soviets, or the new faction: Yuri´s psychic army.

- Fourteen new solo campaign missions - Players will chose to lead either the Allies or the Soviets against the new global threat, Yuri.

- Ten new co-op campaign missions - New campaigns to fight with a partner over a LAN or the Internet.

- New units and tech buildings - Thirty new units, vehicles and tech buildings, which present players with new strategic challenges and opportunities.

- Exotic Locales - Players fight and take control of exotic cities all over the earth, and beyond, such as San Francisco, Sydney, Hollywood, Seattle, London, Cairo, Transylvania and even the moon.

Westwood Studios will continue its tradition of producing movie-quality cut scenes in Yuri´s Revenge. The original Red Alert 2 live-action cast, including Udo Kier as Yuri and Kari Wuhrer as Tanya, will return to Westwood this month to film the cut-scenes that will advance the story during gameplay.

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