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Killing Floor
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Killing Floor - Zwei Download-Erweiterungen

Killing Floor (Shooter) von Tripwire Interactive / Steam
Killing Floor (Shooter) von Tripwire Interactive / Steam - Bildquelle: Tripwire Interactive / Steam

Tripwire Interactive hat ein kostenloses und ein kostenpflichtiges Download-Paket für Killing Floor veröffentlicht. Das kostenlose "Incendiary Content Pack" enthält vier Karten (Hospital Horrors, Biohazard, Mountain Pass und Suburbia; Screenshots), eine Waffe (Firebug) mit Brand-Munition und ein neues Geld-Belohnungssystem, das den angerichteten Schaden anstatt der Kills berücksichtigt. Zusätzlich werden diverse kleinere Verbesserungen am Spiel vorgenommen. Das Update wird automatisch per Steam runtergeladen.

The free Incendiary Content Pack gives a big boost to the Firebug perk in the form of a brand new weapon - the MAC-10. This submachine gun not only packs a punch with a high rate of fire and .45 caliber rounds, but for the Firebug will also fire incendiary ammo that will make his enemies do the fire dance. With this the Firebug now has his own personal close-range weapon. Also included in the content pack are four new maps that were selected from the best maps entered in the Grindhouse map making competition. These maps have been given the "Tripwire Treatment" and have been polished up and made official. And to celebrate the release Tripwire will be offering a 50% discount on Killing Floor and the existing DLC character packs through Sunday 10th October 2010. Highlights of the content pack include:

-Four new maps: Hospital Horrors, Biohazard, Mountain Pass, and Suburbia
-New Firebug weapon: the MAC-10 firing incendiary rounds
-New money system: money now rewarded based on % of damage dealt rather than who gets the final shot, no more kill poaching for money!
-Balance changes for several perks including the Sharpshooter, Commando, and Demolition perks
-Bug and map exploit fixes

Das "PostMortem DLC Character Pack" schlägt mit rund 1,50 Euro zu Buche und stellt vier weitere Überlebende zur Verfügung:

The "PostMortem" DLC Character Pack will bring you four new playable characters for the game. The DLC will be available to purchase over Steam or in-game, to anyone who already owns a copy of Killing Floor. And the characters are another assortment of the lucky survivors of the Horzine outbreak:

-Harold Hunt: Harold was the front man for the underground punk band "The Fecking Nancies", who played mingin' pubs and bars all over South London. And if he wasn't screaming into a microphone about anarchy and chaos he was out causing it by kicking the shite out of cockneys, chavs and pikies before stealing their bling. Courtesy of the Horzine outbreak, he's finding out what real anarchy and chaos is.
-Kerry Fitzpatrick: After disfiguring one inmate in his last prison fight, the others stopped calling "Kerry" a girl's name. During his transfer to the high-security psych ward at Broadmoor, he watched the guards get eaten by a herd of crazed, emaciated mutants. Kerry took pleasure ripping apart the monsters before looting the dead prison guards. From life in prison to a free man in seconds, Kerry has found a world where he truly fits in.
-Trooper Clive Jenkins: When he wasn't jumping out of airplanes and breaking heads for the British government, Jenks could usually be found getting rat-arsed in the pubs of Aldershot and picking fights with civvies. C Company was on standby when word of the outbreak struck. They loaded into the Herc and jumped over London. Straight into a mob of chainsaw-wielding nutters. Come and get some, ya ponces!
-Paramedic Alfred Anderson: Working nightshift for the hospital can be interesting. It's also a good place to stock up on supplies when the whole city has turned into a cannibalistic feeding frenzy. Well equipped and knowledgeable, Alfred's a good ally to have when a fleshless creature is beating down your door.

Quelle: Tripwire Interactive


noob 007 schrieb am
Hallo. Ich habe ein Problem mit dem Killing Floor sdk. Ich habe mit dem Editor ein Level gebaut und es funktioniert auch einwandfrei. Warum kann ich in der Map meine Perks nicht aufleveln? Muss ich da zusätzlich noch was einstellen?
die-wc-ente schrieb am
Wann gibt es zu diesem Spiel denn mal einen Test?
Jointorino schrieb am
super, maps + waffe umsonst und wer neue Character haben will soll bezahlen
so find ich das voll in ordnung, 1,50? is auch nicht die Welt
schrieb am