Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter: Patch mit 'Demo-Recording' - Das Spielemagazin. Kritisch. Ehrlich. Aktuell. Das Spielemagazin. Kritisch. Ehrlich. Aktuell.
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Test: Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter

“Auch auf der 360 gibt es veralteten Shooterspaß, leider mit eingeschränktem Koop-Modus.”

Test: Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter

“Gerade in der großen Gruppe immer noch ein Spaß - aber sonst hat der Zahn der Zeit Serious Sam große Teile der früheren Faszination abgebissen.”

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Serious Sam HD - Patch mit 'Demo-Recording'

Ein neuer Patch für Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter steht bereit und wird automatisch runtergeladen, wenn ihr Steam neu startet. Neben einigen Bugfixes fügt das Update eine Funktion zur Aufnahme und zum Abspielen von 'Demos' hinzu:

-Demo recording and playback added.
-Works in single player, on server and on client.
-Can record demo segments while playing a demo.
-Recording started from menus, or using F7 in game.
-Hud shows current recording or playback status.
-Cutscenes cannot be recorded - recording is automatically stopped when a cut scene is encountered.

-Changed the alignment of all table items in the join game menu from centered to left aligned.
-Some widgets in CPU performance customization options were not functional.
-Leaderboards menu now supports double click on leaderboard players for details.
-3rd person view mode now persists when respawning.
-Bullet fly-by sounds were sometimes played for the wrong player.
-The rocket model in the first person RL weapon would sometimes dissapear/flicker. Fixed.
-Fixed flashing crumbs when prebaked lights are used.
-net_fConnectionTimeout was not honored by the "Connecting" progress screen, thus limiting it to 10 seconds of its hardcoded value.
-Fixed possible timing issue with sounds that have their pitch set too high resulting in unsupported frequency by the sound HW and/or API.
-Sound mixer frequency can now be 48/44 kHz or 22 kHz if cvar 'sfx_bLowSampleRate' is set. (Cvar 'xad_iMaxSampleRate' has been deprecated.)
-Fixed crash inside XAudio2 when sound HW supports sample rates higher than 100 kHz.
-Master sound mixer frequency (sample rate) and speaker config are now reported to console at startup.
-Better sound mixing performance of XAudio2 under sound boards that support very high sample rates (more than 48 kHz).
-Enabled DirectSound and OpenAL sound APIs. To change the current API, adjust sfx_iAPI and restart the game. Note that those APIs are not officially supported.
-Fixed boss bar not being shown in some rare cases.
-Fixed problem with crosshair sometimes being rendered wrong (flickering).
-Fixed problem with having too many occlusion queries under 3 or more GPU setups.
-Fixed a crash that happened in graphics options when user resets cvars via console cvarResetToDefaults() command.
-Fixed a rare application crash on exit that prevented settings from being saved. It happened mostly on single-core machines, but sometimes on multi-core as well.

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