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Test: King Arthur - The Role-playing Wargame
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King Arthur - The Role-playing Wargame
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King Arthur - Patch 1.06

Via Steam wird automatisch der Patch 1.06 für King Arthur - The Role-playing Wargame verteilt. Das Update nimmt zahlreiche Balance-Veränderungen vor (u.a. bei den Bogenschützen und den Zaubersprüchen) und verbessert die Zugänglichkeit bzw. das Benutzerinterface.

• Hero and unit skills can be gained in a more user friendly way (withdraw/cancel option)
• Clear indication if attacking certain enemy rulers have an impact on one of the Objectives
• Autobattle balancing - losses are less significant if your army is stronger; the outcome of the previous battles will also influence the result.
• Extended deploy zone of the defender is removed (AI controls less Victory Locations in the beginning of battles from now on)
• Spell balance
• Weakened archers
• Random HP for individual soldiers (e.g. Curse of Shadow does not kill all soldiers simultaneously)
• Weakened traits for the army of Samhain
• Moving cavalry gets extra defense against ranged attacks
• Information about the difficulty of the upcoming battles is available in the text based quests
• The timing of the various Objectives appearing on the Campaign Map is now more balanced
• The new Morality icon appearing in the text based quests indicates the choices that affect Morality
• Diamond formation becomes more effective against trampling cavalry
• Diplomatic quests that affect the Morality of King Arthur will also change the Morality of the army leader hero.
• "Torture" in the prison screen reveals all provinces that belong to the king of the tortured hero (even the ones covered by the fog of war)
• Invasion of Christian armies in Chapter 4 delayed
• "Dispel" works on the spells granted by Victory Locations as well
• Magic resistance affects the Dragon’s Breath spell
• Other minor bug fixes

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King Arthur - The Role-playing Wargame
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