Team Fortress 2: Kleiner Patch - Das Spielemagazin. Kritisch. Ehrlich. Aktuell. Das Spielemagazin. Kritisch. Ehrlich. Aktuell.
Entwickler: Valve Software
Publisher: EA Games
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Test: Team Fortress 2
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Team Fortress 2 - Kleiner Patch

Team Fortress 2 (Shooter) von EA Games
Team Fortress 2 (Shooter) von EA Games - Bildquelle: EA Games
Sobald ihr euch bei Steam einloggt, wird automatisch ein Patch für Team Fortress 2 und die Steam-Plattform runtergeladen. Folgende Veränderungen werden vorgenommen:

Team Fortress 2
  • Added new option for medigun beam to the Multiplayer->Advanced dialog. If on, the medigun beam will stay attached to the current target without the need to hold down the fire button
  • Added new option for the sniper rifle to the Multiplayer->Advanced dialog. If disabled, the sniper rifle won't re-zoom after firing a zoomed shot
  • Added "nextlevel" server cvar. If set to a valid map name, server will change to that map during the next changelevel
  • Fixed PerfUI being used as a type of wall-hack on servers without sv_cheats set to 1
  • Reduced Granary spawn advantage for capping the middle point
  • Fixed players turning into "Scout" model after lagouts (and a variety of related issues, such as disappearing doors)
  • Fixed obscure crash related to resolution changing
  • Gave machinima creators access to "tf_testvcd" and "tf_testrr" commands for playing scenes on characters
  • SDK Launcher now has a drop list of engine versions in addition to a drop list of games/mods. This eliminates the need to specify engine version as a launch option

Steam Client

  • Added a new chat introduction dialog which is shown when you are first contacted by a potentially unfamiliar group member
  • Added several new account security warnings to Friends
  • Added the ability for the client to connect to multiple content servers and improved download pipelining
  • Added "View Forum" option to the right click menu for individual games
  • Fixed friends going auto-away when they are really active and typing
  • Possible fix for games sometimes disappearing from the games tab
  • Fix for non-Steam games getting permanently removed from Steam if the data fails to load on startup
  • Fixed the in-game overlay becoming slow/unresponsive for some users after playing for several minutes or more
  • Fixed the in-game overlay failing to come up for Windows 2000 users
  • Improved in-game overlay compatibility with ATI Tool (video card tuning software)

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